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Listen up, because this one just might shoot up to the top of your 2018 Most Wanted lists. Killer Instinct developers Iron Galaxy and publisher Maximum Games have unveiled their latest project: Extinction. You play as a warrior named Avil, the last of a secretive order tasked with defending the world from the ravenous Ogres. After centuries of hiding the shadows, the Ogres have resurfaced, and you’re all that stands between them and humanity’s total annihilation. No pressure then. The trailer below shows of the concept of the game, though there is a tiny bit of gameplay at the end … Read More »

In news sure to delight fans of creepy horror and home invasions, the procedural horror game Hello Neighbor from tinyBuild Games will be arriving on Xbox One on August 29th. A game with a simple premise, you control someone who has recently moved in to the neighbourhood, right next to a man who keeps acting suspiciously. Like he has something to hide. Naturally, the only course of action is to break in and find out. Hello Neighbor has been praised for its learning AI which controls The Neighbor. The AI will pick up on certain tactics, and set traps and … Read More »

I have a confession to make: I still haven’t played Life is Strange. It’s in my pile of shame, sitting proudly amongst Resident Evil 7 and The Witcher 3, but I keep getting distracted by other games. That might soon change though, as the folks at DONTNOD Entertainment have a plan for me to book my ideas up and actually play the damn game; they’ve just announced they’re working on a sequel. In a video to thank the fans for over 3 million Life is Strange players, which you can check out below, the team let slip that there is … Read More »

It’s almost coincidental, perhaps even poetic, that a new Metro game, with story based on a world ravaged by nuclear war, is being teased the same day that Donald Trump becomes President of the United States. Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light were based on a series of books by Dmitry Glukhovsky based in the underground metro of Moscow after the nuclear bombs have been dropped. Humanity has managed to eke out an existence, despite the monsters above and the political disputes below threatening to destroy what’s left. On the official website for the third book, Metro 2035, which again … Read More »

The Thursday tradition is becoming a streak longer than Goldberg’s win streak in WCW, or The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak before it got conquered. Every Thursday at 5pm, Major Nelson tweets out the latest additions to the Backwards Compatibility program. Today, he tweeted the following: Joust is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today https://t.co/qPMRNrLoTQpic.twitter.com/yMju6ldb1U — ( ( Larry Hryb ) ) (@majornelson) August 25, 2016 Okay, impartiality out of the window, this week’s is a bit of a disappointment. We’ll let you guys decide how much of a disappointment in the comments below. What other games would you guys like … Read More »

Looks like we have an early contender for one of August’s backwards compatible games of the month… Hero of the People and Twitter addict Major Nelson has dropped the news of the latest backwards compatible title, and it’s a strong addition in our eyes! Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today https://t.co/qPMRNrLoTQpic.twitter.com/3XvmqSffmx — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) August 9, 2016 That’s right! From today, you can step back into the combat boots of cyborg Rex Power Colt, and take the war to those filthy commies and their Blood Dragons. For anyone who hasn’t experienced the … Read More »

Ohhhh, the Burnout 3: Takedown flashbacks are coming back strong! Dangerous Golf developers Three Fields Entertainment, staffed by former Criterion employees like Burnout director Alex Ward, have announced that work has begun on a driving game. That’s a literal quote from Mr Ward, by the way. Work has begun on a driving game. — Alex Ward (@CrashedAlex) July 27, 2016 No details have surfaced, but it’s pretty safe to assume this’ll be a Burnout successor in all but name. EA and Criterion still own the rights to the franchise, but haven’t expressed any real desire to expand the series in … Read More »

Somewhat of a stealth announcement here, as it hasn’t even found its way to Twitter yet; only being mentioned on the EA Access website, but the ever expanding Vault seems to have enough room for another game. On May 25th, anyone wanting to hit the courts and shoot some hoops will be satisfied, as NBA Live 16 will be added to the Vault. Cue the Harlem Globe Trotters theme. With Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour being added on May 1oth, it’s only a matter of time before Need for Speed and Unravel make the inevitable transition to The Vault. Any basketballs … Read More »

It’s always nice to see EA making a deposit into their Vault of goodies, and they look set to make a big one very soon EA announced on Twitter that on April 19th, it’ll be time to lace up your boots and hit the pitch, as FIFA 16 will be added to The Vault. No 10 hour trial. Unlimited football, for EA Access members. Lace your boots, members. @EASPORTSFIFA 16 is coming to The Vault on April 19: https://t.co/ekUUePsW9Ppic.twitter.com/pq6PvLVbaQ — EA Access (@EAAccess) April 5, 2016 FIFA 16 joins a long and ever expanding list of titles that are available … Read More »

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