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Blackwood Crossing is a tale of love and loss; the story of two siblings, Scarlett and Finn, coping with various tragedies that have befallen them. It’s also about walking slowly through a train repeatedly to solve puzzles. Take a guess at which is more engaging. Blackwood Crossing is the latest in a long line of “walking simulators”; brief first person narrative experiences that consist of you progressing through linear environments and interacting with a few objects. They’re not for everyone as they rely on the story and dialogue to hold your attention rather than actual gameplay. It’s just as well, … Read More »

There’s one gaping ol’ plot hole in We Happy Few – and Compulsion Games’ upcoming Clockwork Update looks set to fix that. The psychedelically creepy survival sim, which is currently in Xbox Game Preview, opens with a chase into the abandoned underground tube stations. You desperately smash open a door, when the bobbies chasing you thwack your thoroughly British head with a police baton. You then wake up in an underground shelter. How did you get there? Who put you there? The Clockwork Update will sort out that little niggling plot hole. Don’t expect much more from the story, though, … Read More »

Battlefield 1 drops in less than three weeks, and to celebrate the imminent release, gamers have been given a sneak peek of the new single-player campaign. You can check it out right here: There were fears that Battlefield 1 was stepping into a literal minefield with its decision to set the latest game during the First World War. With that in mind, EA and DICE have been keen to highlight the harsh realities of WWI in a series not known for underplaying the glories of war. Solo mode takes an almost COD-meets-GTA approach, allowing you to play as a variety … Read More »

For a fast-paced FPS, Valley – from indie devs Blue Isle Studios – is one of the most soothing adventures you’re ever likely to play. It’s a far cry from the studio’s last game, Slender: The Arrival, as Valley has you scouring a strange location deep in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains; a world filled with adorable forest sprites, a WWII military presence, and a focus on the symbiotic nature of mankind and the Earth. Let’s deal with a major negative before we look at what’s great about the game: Valley kicks its story off with some of the … Read More »

The strangest thing about playing Fragments of Him isn’t the darkly realistic story or minimalist art design, but the fact that it features a British voice cast. And not that Fable-style over-the-top Brit accent either, or an American’s interpretation of how the British talk, like in Assassin’s Creed: Unity, but honest-to-goodness British voice actors, the kind you hear on the mean streets of Blighty. That voice-acting is important because Fragments of Him is told almost exclusively in voice-overs. The game, from indie developer Sassybot Studios, is billed as an interactive narrative. We won’t spoil much of the story here, since … Read More »

If you like match-3 games, you can stop reading now. You’ll love Azkend 2: The World Beneath, and no review in the world is going to change that. For console gamers a little more dubious about the genre, let’s weigh anchor and explore the biggest mystery – does Azkend 2: The World Beneath hold some surprises beneath the surface? You’d be surprised. As Marcus from Borderlands never quite said: ‘Let’s just get this out of the way; yes, Azkend 2 is yet another mobile game ported to consoles.’ The original was released for iOS back in 2012, when Candy Crush … Read More »

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