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Precision. Accuracy. Millimetre-perfect. There's no room for error in Ride 2, and that will come as a shock if you've never picked up a bike racing sim before. With four wheels, you can graze the Armco, squeeze down the inside, dish out the odd tap here or there, and still not lose more than half a tenth in a lap. Try it on one of the lovingly recreated machines in Ride 2, and you're history. Or smeared across the geography. Motorcycle racing is hard. You might have more racing lines through some corners, but you better pick one, and you ... Read More »
So is Blood Dragon now just Ubisoft's crossover/cameo series? Because we're totally okay with Blood Dragons appearing in more Ubisoft games. Assassin's Creed: Blood Dragon. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Blood Dragon. Splinter Cell: Blood Dragon. Rayman: Blood Dragon. Just Dance: Blood Drag- You get the joke. Many were surprised during Ubisoft's E3 Press Briefing/Aisha Tyler Variety Show to learn that Trials of the Blood Dragon was not only a game coming out that day, but that Blood Dragon was getting more love. Originally a Far Cry spin-off that appeared to be a one time joke, FC: Blood Dragon was a ... Read More »

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What do you get if you throw some classic titles into a blender, pour it out and put some dressing on it? Taking obvious...

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