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The “Ultimate MotoGP Experience” from Milestone and, of course, Valentino Rossi is now available! It’s not just the two-wheel MotoGP experience that Rossi is most famous for that you can experience though, as the game encompasses the many disciplines that have made him such a historical champion. Not only does he have NINE Grand Prix World Championships under his belt for his motorcycle achievements, he has tested F1 cars (nearly lapping faster than Shumacher’s trial time in 2006) and beaten Colin McRae. Let’s just say he knows his stuff! Italian video game developer Milestone is the lead for the country and … Read More »

It’s actually been a little while since much news on this years’ MotoGP game was last released; our last was mentioning getting your little noggin appearing in the game. But it finally has a release date of June 17th and so with preorders available, a brief overview of what to expect from the game awaits below. As well as the expected MotoGP season, there’ll also be four-wheeled events in the form of both rally and drift car events as Rossi himself has trained in multiple racing disciplines to get where he is now. The only worry from a game perspective … Read More »

You, yes you, could appear in the next instalment of the MotoGP video games series. The developers Milestone S.r.l are giving fans the chance to appear in next years “Valentino Rossi The Game” along side The Doctor himself Valentino Rossi. For all the Superbike and video game enthusiasts amongst you, of which I’m sure there are many, this is quite the opportunity. To enter all you have to do is find your way to the site (I’m a helpful guy so here’s a link) scroll down to the “CONTEST” section and follow the on screen instructions which include completing a release … Read More »

Developer Milestone s.r.l’s racer MotoGP 15 has encountered a few problems since its launch. Happily a patch is now available to fix the majority of these issues. The major issues that the patch will remedy are as follows: Improved stability in different areas of the game Fixed Sprint Season matchmaking and invites Improved matchmaking rules Fixed add-on content support in online matches Fixed Friends Leaderboards Improved bikes’ level of details (LOD) Fixed scratch and dirt effects on bikes and riders MotoGP 15 was released on June 24 and is available in the Xbox Store for £39.99. Don’t forget to follow … Read More »

MotoGP 15 Review So, I was a little excited about this release and, to be fair, MotoGP 15 was everything that I was expecting! Right from the start of the game the intro was mind Blowing! It really sets you up for the challenge ahead. Back in the good old days when the original Xbox was still in its honeymoon stages, THQ released MotoGP 2, one of the greatest MotoGP games, I believe. It had the masses competing at the highest level and I was lucky to be playing MotoGP back then. With that in mind, I was really hoping … Read More »

Developers Milestone s.r.l have released a second video for the third game in the MotoGP series, MotoGP15. In the video three tracks are shown off, two from Spain and one from Japan. The new video shows off the stunning scenery of each location and also the adrenaline fueled feel of the game that replecates that of the sport itself. The game is set to be much bigger than previous installments with new game modes and an overhauled career mode with much added depth. The three tracks that are included in the videos are Motegi in Japan and then Catalunya and … Read More »

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