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Since 2010 the gaming juggernaut Minecraft has had its own annual celebration and convention, Minecon. It has become the home for new updates and announcements relating to Minecraft and this year’s con has been no different. At this year’s convention Mojang announced that they were releasing the 2016 Minecraft skin pack for free. However you will have to be quick as this offer only lasts until the 3rd of October on consoles. The skins you will find in this pack will include Alex and Steve skins wearing spooky Enderman capes. Whilst also introducing skins for four biome-themed adventurers, Forest Fighter, Ice Pioneer, … Read More »

We always thought that if cross-play gaming were to become a success, it’d probably begin with a game like Minecraft. It seems that Minecraft’s developer Mojang agree. There was a lot of buzz around cross-play a couple of months back, with developers and senior gaming figures all saying what a great idea it was – the studio behind Rocket League literally said they were ready for Xbox One-PS4 cross-play the moment Sony gave the nod. But has that nod been given to another studio? Minecraft brings everybody together, including competing devices! Realms supports cross-platform play, & there's a free trial! … Read More »

As confirmed on the Official Xbox UK Twitter account the Minecraft Battle Mini Game is available now and it’s completely free! Battle mini game is out now for free ⚔⛏: https://t.co/KhFiXiI0Y0pic.twitter.com/vszR9q31MO — Xbox UK (@xboxuk) June 21, 2016   The Tweet was accompanied by a link to the official Mojang announcement which reads a little something like this. Are you a master swordsman? A dead-shot with a bow? A demolitions expert? A fisherperson with an unusual lust for vengeance? Then sharpen those tools of destruction and strap on your toughest enchanted helm: it’s time to do Battle! Battle is the first … Read More »

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 from Telltale Games is the first of an additional three, largely self contained, episodes for Minecraft Story Mode. Episode 6, “A Portal To Mystery”, starts where Episode 5 ended, and sees Jesse, hero of the first five episodes, return and meet some interesting special guest stars. Episode 6 takes place in a whole new and alien world – one that has two moons (unusual, even for Minecraft). Jesse, Petra, Ivor, and Lucas find themselves in a graveyard and are immediately beset by a zombie horde. Seeking safety in a nearby mansion, things take a surreal turn as our heroes are joined … Read More »

Mojang have been busy working away on the Windows 10 Beta Version of Minecraft adding more and more mechanics to the game. Some of us here at Xbox One UK are serious minecrafters, so this “friendly update” – as it’s been dubbed – is welcomed with open arms. The update brings several complex mechanisms to the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft – like pistons (and the Sticky ones, too) – but other features like pig riding and horse armor will be included. Pig riding is a must – how else would you get around? Take a look at some of the features in action with … Read More »

Its been a long, exciting and successful road for Mojang’s Minecraft. I remember playing the beta on PC, where it was free to play, and never in a 100 million years would I have expected it to reach the heights that it has done today. But it appears that everyone loves Minecraft, and that popularity appears to be growing and growing. Mojang announced, in the form of an infographic, that they have sold 100 million copies of Minecraft over all platforms! According to Mojang, they sell 53,000 copies a day! Amazingly, Mojang worked out, that if everyone who had bought a copy … Read More »

Time flies when you’re fortifying towns against Creepers, building 1:1 replicas of the White House, and carving rude icons into the sky right? Yep, it’s Minecraft’s 4th Xbox birthday today. But unlike traditional birthdays, Minecraft celebrates by giving everyone else a present – this year’s 4th Birthday Skin Pack. The 4th Birthday Skin Pack is available for Xbox consoles now! — 4J Studios (@4JStudios) May 9, 2016 The announcement was made by both Mojang on their official blog, and 4J Studios, who originally ported the PC version to Microsoft’s console. Since they’re in a celebratory mood, the Minecraft guys are also … Read More »

The final episode of Tell Tale’s Minecraft story mode has been released and to celebrate you can pick up a skin pack for the main Minecraft game. And whats even better is that for a week this skin pack will be free for you to use. You will be able to play as Jesse, Olivia, Axel, Petra and many others as you create your very own version of the Minecraft world. You can also see if you can survive the hell that is a Minecraft Story Mode based world i the game, giving you a chance to face off against … Read More »

When a name like Mojang gets attached to a new game – even as a publisher rather than developer – there’s a certain expectation that the game will be something special. No-one really expects another Minecraft, but it’s impossible for comparisons not to be made. And that’s the position in which the small development team at Oxeye Game Studio find themselves in with their debut Xbox title, Cobalt – not least because one-third of that team is none other than Jens Bergensten, the ginger wonder who took over Minecraft’s reins when Notch departed. Cobalt is… well, chaos, at first. A side-scrolling … Read More »

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