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Every now and then there’s an announcement by a major publisher that catches us by surprise – and not in a good way. We try all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify that publisher’s actions as a positive for the gamer but sometimes we’re just left with a vague sense of bafflement and a perplexed, “Huh?” on our lips. Ubisoft’s weird statement that women are too hard to animate realistically (in relation to AC: Unity‘s multiplayer not including any women as playable characters) was one. And the decision by – probably – Activision to re-release all three Call of Duty: Modern Warfare … Read More »

Infinity Ward have set the internet on fire recently with its announcement of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the fact that it will come packaged with a remastered COD 4: Modern Warfare. The developer keeps adding little firelighters to the blaze as it announces more and more restrictions. Well now it could be set to pour a whole bucket of petrol onto it. It is clear that fans are not happy with what they see in the new Call of Duty game, the Infinite Warfare trailer is already the most disliked video in YouTube history. But the inclusion of … Read More »

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