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Players of Elder Scrolls Online have a lot to look forward to on June 6th, as the Morrowind expansion will be released for all players. To build up momentum for the hype train, Bethesda have released a trailer detailing the Morag Tong, Vvardenfell’s resident league of assassins. A literal group of cut-throats, you might say. The assassins are hired by Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni: the Great Houses of Morrowind, and already this is too many names to mispronounce. If you’re going to be adventuring in Morrowind, it’s inevitable that you’ll become embroiled with this world of political espionage. If you’re interested … Read More »

Trion Worlds has announced that it’s popular block based MMORPG Trove, will be available as a free download on Xbox One from today. Having already been downloaded by 5 million players during the Open Beta, Trove is expected to add millions more console players to it’s fan base. When asked how Trion Worlds felt about the success of Trove so far, CEO Scott Hartsman said, “We’re sincerely humbled by the outpouring of excitement and enthusiasm from the Trove community during its Open Beta on PlayStation and Xbox One.Thanks to those millions of supporters, Trove on console is off to an incredible … Read More »

Weapons Of Mythology New Age is a MMORPG game created by ‘Gamemag’ they have recently announced that it  will be coming to Xbox One in 2016. Weapons Of Mythology is said to feature PvE and PvP content  – it also promises lots of dungeon exploration, the ablity to gain mounts and pets and in regards to the player  you can collect relics which can then be used to grant you more abilities, these upgrades take shape in many different combinations. Here is the official description – Set during the period of Chu Han Contention, the game focuses on two rival sects: The Zhan and the Jie, serving different … Read More »

I’m a big fan of Destiny.  I love the collaboration of the Destiny community, the long grind to get perfect loot, and mechanics involved with its raids (except you Crota’s End, yeah I’m looking at you).  It has been so long since I’ve put nearly 2,000 hours into a video game.  With this love and passion, I’ve become heavily interested and have invested a lot of time searching to find out what is next what is next for Destiny.  With that, I believe that Destiny 2 will be the first big title set for Project Scorpio and this is why… Any hardcore … Read More »

With anticipation rising (see what I did there) for Destiny‘s new DLC, Rise of Iron, guardians find themselves excited for new content but are weary of the possible drought of content they have experienced over the last year carrying over into Destiny’s third year.  Jason Schreier conducted an interview with Rise of Iron director Christopher Barrett and Bungie head of marketing Eric Osborne at E3 and probed to find what the community can expect post Rise of Iron release. Barrett elaborated that with the removal of old generation hardware, they now have “bigger bucket” to play with.  The content that … Read More »

Thanks to a livestream we have some more information on the new Redwood biome for Ark – developers first announced this a little while back stating ‘The Island’ map would be changed and we should expect the new Redwood biome to cover the Grand Peak Island. Now we can also expect the Redwood biome to make an appearance on ‘The Center’ with no clear release date yet, it is said that it will be created on a whole new island added to the south of the already large map. The Redwood biome for the center is still in early development but when it … Read More »

Anyone here still play Neverwinter? Your experience is about to get expanded, as Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Games have announced that The Maze Engine, another piece of DLC which follows on from The Underdark, will be coming to the Xbox One. This latest offering promises to bring all the major players of the Dungeons and Dragons mythos together, including Drizzt Do’Urden, Minsc, Bruenor Battlehammer and Regis, to fight the villains of Baphomet and Orcus, ensuring fans of the franchise will be interested. Concerning the gameplay itself, you can expect a new campaign questline, new gameplay features and customisation for your mounts, … Read More »

Have you wanted to make the journey across Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online? Either on your own or with a group of friends? Well, now’s your chance as there will be a Free Play weekend taking place from the 1oth of December and be able to play until December 14th. This Thursday, December the 1oth, The Elder Scrolls Online will be available to download and play over the weekend until December 14th for all Xbox One users. The game should be able to download from 8am UK time via the Xbox Store. If you decide to purchase Elder Scrolls Online … Read More »

Orsinium, the ancestral home of the Orcs will be the latest area added for exploration. Set deep within the Wrothgar Mountains, King Kurog has sent out a call across Tamriel for adventurers to aid in Orsinium’s rebuilding. Should you choose to acknowledge King Kurog’s call to the Wrothgar Mountains and to the Orc’s capital, you will encounter all-new enemies and allies, as well as unravelling plots and counter plots. As well as the new adventure, Orsinium, The Elder Scrolls online’s biggest game pack to date, will feature The Maelstrom Arena, a solo challenge featuring nine combat rings and two different difficulty … Read More »

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