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There’s a moment, at the beginning of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, when you’re pointedly told: ‘You’ve been given a second chance. Don’t squander it.’ That’s ironic, because while the prequel/soft reboot of 2008’s fun but flawed Mirror’s Edge can feel like a missed opportunity. In short, you can’t shake the feeling that, second time around, DICE have squandered it. So you play as original protagonist, Faith Connors – essentially Jane Douglas with a bob cut – a Runner who couriers black market goods across the outwardly utopian city of Glass. It’s a cold, stark surveillance state run by goons with guns – … Read More »

A very merry Monday morning to you all, here we stand at the start of a brand new week once again. I hope your weekend was filled with plenty of gaming and good times, trouble is the weekend always goes so fast. How about we try and get the happiness of the weekend going for just a little bit longer, let’s take a look at the games out this week. Grab your coffee, kick that person out of your seat as the hype train has just pulled up and is ready to go go go. 08/06/2016 Soul Axiom Soul Axiom … Read More »

Yes you heard that right folks Mirrors Edge is available to play right now for anyone who has EA Access for a full 10 missions across 2 separate districts and a whole host of social play trials and bonus missions. The best part of it? If after playing the selected missions you decide that you don’t like it you have no obligation at all to buy so what are you waiting for? If you have EA Access get this game downloaded now and make your own mind up about the new free running game. Normally with sports titles etc a ten-hour limit … Read More »

Mirrors Edge Catalyst has become available to pre-oder and pre-download on the Xbox store a few hours ago. You can access it here. The game will release on June 7th, 2016. On the official Mirror’s Edge Catalyst website, information has been added about two more corporations. Everdyne Energy and the Pirandello Group now join Kruger Holding, making the three main oppressive corporations ruling the city of Glass. Alone the descriptions of the Corporations makes a great image for how the people live in the Cascadia. Kruger Holding “A security, weapons manufacture, and resource mining giant, Kruger Holding is the largest … Read More »

Anyone hotly anticipating Mirrors Edge Catalyst? I know for sure I am. I cannot wait for the closed beta to start to see how this game is going to pan out. We may have a slight problem arising from said beta though. That problem is that the games actual release date is set to be put back as the developers analyse the data from the closed beta which is running this weekend. Click HERE if you’d like to hear it from the horse’s mouth yourself. The previous game won awards for its unique take on free running and it’s almost active … Read More »

Seems like April has become somewhat of a beta month. First we have Doom and Battleborn on the same weekend, and now we’ve got a Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst beta to look out for. This closed beta will be available on April 22nd to “Frontrunners” – basically those who subscribed to the latest Mirror’s Edge news. The beta will then be available to everyone else who has been selected to participate. Unfortunately, the registration period for the closed beta has ended, so the only thing you can do right now is sit and wait. Maybe go try some actual parkour? Or … Read More »

Mirrors Edge Catalyst, EA’s sequel to (what else?) Mirror’s Edge will be hitting European consoles on May 26th. With it fast-approaching the day of release, Catalyst’s design director, Erik Odeldahl hijacked EA UK’s Twitter feed for an informal Q&A about the game. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst acts as a soft reboot of the series, focusing on protagonist Faith’s origin story (reboots always do origin stories) and how she tackles a totalitarian company in the near-dystopian future. The sort of future where, to casual observers, everything appears bright and shiny, but disturbingly dark and oppressive below the surface. A bit like Pyongyang … Read More »

Performance Designed Products LLC (PDP) are making a bit of a name for themselves with their official Xbox One Licence. We recently reviewed the Afterglow Prismatic Wired Controller and awarded it 4.5 out of 5, while we described the Afterglow Level 5+ headset as ‘one of the best headsets at this price point.’ Now PDP have partnered with Mirrors’s Edge™ developer DICE to produce a limited edition Xbox One controller to celebrate the launch of Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst. This officially licensed controller features art from the upcoming – and stylishly beautiful – follow up to 2008’s Mirror’s Edge. This striking wired controller includes PDP’s … Read More »

Bad news for Mass Effect fans – and no, developer Bioware isn’t promising us another Mass Effect 3 ending. If you had hopes that Mass Effect Andromeda would get a 2016 release as promised during its E3 reveal, look away now. During a financial call, the franchise’s publisher, EA, revealed that the next instalment will arrive during Q1 of 2017. Or somewhere between January and March, as most people would say. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, given that both Mass Effect 2 and its sequel came out around the same time. During the call, Blake Jorgensen, EA’s CFO, … Read More »

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