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Everybody knows kart racing - and everybody knows that the King of Karts is undoubtedly Mario, that pesky plumber. But some other platform's got him all locked up. That hasn't stopped developers trying to recreate the magic on other platforms, though, usually with limited success. Coffin Dodgers from developer Milky Tea Studios is the latest kart racer to land on consoles. Milky Tea, perhaps wisely, have avoided the Mario clone route and instead added their own unique twist - incorporating a dash of Road Rash violence. Here, your racer's main objective is to outrun the other 'old people' as one by one they ... Read More »
So you thought that life in a retirement village was dull, well you couldn't have been more wrong. Milky Tea Studios and Wales Interactive are determined to show you how exciting retirement can be in there upcoming game Coffin Dodgers. Start your scooters, the wait is finally over! #CoffinDodgers release dates announced on #PS4 & #XboxOne #indiedev pic.twitter.com/PsA3rAg1Df — Milky Tea Studios (@milkyteastudios) April 27, 2016 Coffin Dodgers is a darkly funny kart racing game that sees you playing as one of seven quirky residents of the retirement village as you race your extremely pimped up mobility scooter. Did we ... Read More »

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