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For a long while now people have been talking about the possibility of using a keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One, bringing the experience even closer to that of the PC experience. For almost as long as fans have been talking about this Microsoft have been saying that they are working on it. Well apparently we’re getting closer than ever to this been a reality. There are several issues with bringing a keyboard and mouse to the Xbox however. One of the main concern is with balancing as there is an obvious advantage in regards to accuracy for players … Read More »

The measure of an Xbox Gamer can usually be determined by the size of their gamerscore, at least for the most part. The system doesn’t take into account those players who like the focus on one or a handful of games, but that could be changing soon. In an interview with YouTuber Rand al Thor 19 and Windows Central Senior Editor Jez Corden, Xbox Platform Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra had a bunch of things to say about the future of the Xbox brand, and where the achievements system could be going in the future: “[W]e can do a lot … Read More »

We all know Microsoft likes to change its looks from time-to-time. The Xbox 360 dashboard looked vastly different by the end of its cycle and the Xbox One has certainly changed it’s layout over the last few years. And now, that time is approaching once more with the aim of bringing a speedier, sleeker looking design to the dashboard. Major Nelson has posted on his blog this evening that the new Microsoft Fluent Design for Xbox will be rolling out to Xbox Insiders tonight, but only to those that are in the Alpha preview ring. Below are the features that … Read More »

We all like to share with our friends the amazing feats that we achieve in video games. Or should that be showoff? Probably the latter but never mind, we all do it and we should be proud. The only problem is that at the moment, sharing these feats via the Xbox One isn’t always as easy as it should be. If you want to share your screenshots and clips on Twitter, at the moment the process is a little convoluted. But maybe not for much longer. Responding to a fans question Mike Ybarra has come out and said that the … Read More »

During that fateful 2013 Xbox One revel a big deal was made about all of the multimedia features, especially regarding watching TV. One of the main features shown to us was the snap mode, a feature that allowed you to use an app or tool while at the same time still watch what you were originally watching. Well finally this feature will be no more. Mike Ybarra, the head of platform engineering at Xbox has announced that they will be getting rid of the feature with the big new update that is coming. We replaced Snap to improve multitasking, reduce … Read More »

Xbox fans have been asking for a way to give some more personality and customization to how they look online and it’s coming soon.  During the official Xbox podcast, Major Nelson Radio, Larry Hryb said that team is looking to give players the ability to create custom gamerpics.  This feature, as per Xbox’s Mike Ybarra, is aimed for a release prior to E3 2017.  Unfortunately this won’t be part of the Creator’s Update that is rolling out now for Insider’s now.  There was a cause for delay for this feature possibly due to the unpredictability of what some inappropriate images … Read More »

No more pressing the Guide button to go home, guys. A major new update is coming to Xbox Insiders, and it looks set to change the way you’ll reach the familiar Xbox Home Screen. One concerned fan was quick to notice that, in the coming update, changing the Guide button’s original function meant there could be issues in actually getting home on the console – so he did what anyone would: Jumped on Twitter and asked Mike Ybarra. And the Microsoft man confirmed that there would be a change in how Xboxers will be getting to the home screen… @MegavoltService … Read More »

It was just a matter of time – now for the six people who bought ReCore, prepare to for a HDR update. The announcement came – where else? – on Twitter, where both Microsoft Studios’ Shannon Loftis and Xbox’s Mike Ybarra both confirmed that the game will get a graphical upgrade when played on Xbox One S. ReCore with HDR? Yes, it's coming. https://t.co/Ku07ZBj3MD — Mike Ybarra ? (@XboxQwik) November 28, 2016 HDR – high dynamic range – gives greater colour and contrast to images, essentially making them a whole lot richer and pleasing on the eye. The downside? You’ll … Read More »

If it wasn’t already known then lets confirm, Xbox are more than happy to continue bringing us new features every month. This isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact its the complete opposite. New features and add ons are whats leading the technology market for the better, this is what helps tech giant, like Microsoft push innovation. Mike Ybarra has tweeted today that the new Xbox One S will have a brand new feature from today, the said -R and -RE is recordable and re-recordable. This is a neat little feature but by in large nothing huge. For those … Read More »

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