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As sure as ever, Monday has rolled around again much quicker than expected. It’s one of those things that we know is going to happen but it always shocks us at how fast it does, although they do say every cloud has a silver lining – you just have to look for it. With every Monday comes your latest ‘Games Out This Week’, this is your silver lining (hopefully). So let’s go through the checklist: Coffee – Check, Comfy Chair – Check, Hype Train – Check. Time to jump on board and see where we go this week. 21/06/2016 Deadlight: … Read More »

Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor to Mega Man, released a new trailer today dubbed ‘Bring It’ and fans are displaying mixed feelings. The trailer acts as a medium to display many of the game modes that will be available for play on the title. These modes vary from Boss Rush modes, a challenge mode focused around platforming and a Maniac mode in which a single hit will lead to a respawn. The new trailer also gives us insight to the tone of the game, featuring a comical announcer that will undoubtedly draw in younger audiences. Mega Man’s last title was … Read More »

Deep Silver and Comcept have announced that their highly anticipated side-scroller, Mighty No. 9 has a release date. the game will be available both as a digital download and in physical form from Febuary 12 2016 on Xbox One. Developed by an all-star team of veteran developers headed by Keiji Inafune, Mighty No. 9 is a side-scrolling game that offers more than a small challenge. It givers the feeling of playing a classic 8 or 16 bit game but with a modern twist. Advances in robotic technology have brought about a new era of peace and prosperity were violence has … Read More »

Deep Silver and Comcept have released a new gameplay trailer – at 60FPS, in case you were wondering – showing off the hero of the game, Beck, fighting his eight mighty opponents. The trailer is called ‘Beat Them At Their Own Game’, and it’s right below. ‘The video showcases the action that transforms the feel of 8 and 16-bit classics into a fresh modern-day classic.’ Mighty No. 9 is out 18th September. You can find out much more about the game in Xbox One UK’s article here. For more news, reviews and competitions, join Xbox One UK’s Facebook Group, Like our … Read More »

Upcoming side-scroller proving to be a Kickstarter sensation In the year 20XX, breakthroughs in robotic technology have unleashed a new era of peace & prosperity. Violence is confined to the Battle Coliseum, where robot combatants face off in spectacular duels. Dr. White created 9 robot siblings known as the “Mighty Numbers”, who were the most popular and powerful team of robots in the Battle Coliseum and always in the top ranks.  But during one competition there was a cyber-attack, infecting them with a computer virus causing them to become crazed and rampant. You play as Beck, the 9th in a … Read More »

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