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Overwatch was released today, but until now, we’ve only had a few details regarding the inevitable microtransactions that every game has to have these days. So what’s on offer in Overwatch? Gamers can obtain special gear in loot boxes. These boxes contain all sorts of cosmetic additions to allow total customisation of any character – so expect colourful skins, mocking taunts and weapon sprays. Stump up real-world money, and you’ll be able to buy loot boxes as and when you choose. There are five microtransaction options to choose from, depending on how badly you want that new graffiti tag… 2 … Read More »

And now we know – Gears of War 4 will definitely include microtransactions for its multiplayer. The news was confirmed by The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson, executive producer of the latest game in Microsoft’s 10-year-old series. In an interview with Gamespot, Fergusson discussed implementing the much-hated ‘in-game purchases’. First, he pointed out that both Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition both included weapon skins, but added that ‘it’s just now you can earn it, whereas before you actually had to purchase it.’ So what should we expect in Gears of War 4? Cosmetic items, mostly. A bit … Read More »

So Ubisoft have decided that, actually, they would like some more money after all, as news that microtransactions for The Division are now available. Gamers can now get hold of two costume packs for just £3.99 a piece – tres chic. Each one contains four costumes: The Marines pack offers four camouflage patterns. The Military pack is less of a let-down, throwing in a Sniper, Pilot, a Delta Force operative and the impossibly titled ‘Explosive Ordance Disposal Technician’. The real bonus is that, like Team Fortress’s money-spinner, these add-ons are purely cosmetic. Ubisoft have previously mixed messages about their microtransactions … Read More »

We reported earlier in the month on a story involving the frustrations of a Canadian father who had received a $7,625.88 credit card bill from Microsoft. His son had accidentally run up the bill through in game purchases on one of the Fifa games. At the time Microsoft said that they would look into the case but as far as Mr. Perkins was concerned seemed to be dragging their feet. Initially they had said that the charges would stand. Well now it seems like there has been a happy conclusion to the whole affair. Could this have anything to do … Read More »

Here at xboxoneuk.com we feel we have been pretty even handed when it comes to micro transactions. We recognise that they are a part of the gaming landscape and love them or hate them they are here to stay. With that in mind we have not angrily marched, pitchforks and burning torches in hand, to the doors of every developer who has implemented them. We have looked carefully at each decision to use micro transactions, examined the thinking behind it, and reached what we believe to be a fair conclusion against each. For example, here’s our take on their implementation … Read More »

If you haven’t already seen them slotted into some your favourite games, then you’ve probably heard about them. Micro-transactions are becoming more and more popular with game developers as a secondary source of income. They aren’t much of an issue when they are added to free to play games such as Neverwinter, but what about when these transactions end up appearing in full priced games? Games like Call of Duty, Destiny, or Minecraft; 3 big titles that have now all included them in-game. Love them or hate them, it looks like they are here to stay, but are they a good idea or just a money … Read More »

Microsoft’s Xbox One racing game Forza Motorsport 6 added microtransactions this week. As you might have guessed, some were not happy about this and have voiced their concerns. Now, Forza 6 creative director Dan Greenawalt has chimed in. Responding to a person on Twitter who said it was “sad” that developer Turn 10 was adding microtransactions to Forza 6, Greenawalt explained the game was “designed, tuned, and tested 100 percent without them.” Not only that, but he pointed out that they can be toggled off. “You can turn them off,” he added. Microtransactions are now available in Forza 6 by … Read More »

Love ’em or hate ’em, microtransactions are an increasingly common occurrence in the world of games. With its latest update Forza Motorsport 6 added microtransactions in the form of tokens which can be used to purchase in game items. From forzamotorsport.net: “We’ll be activating tokens in Forza Motorsport 6, allowing players to purchase tokens which can be used for in-game items like cars and Mod packs. Players who do not wish to see the token feature in Forza Motorsport 6 menus will have the option to disable this feature from appearing by turning Tokens off in the HUD Options menu.” … Read More »

Ubisoft has announced what some thought was inevitable, Rainbow Six: Siege will have Microtransaction’s. Being an only online multiplayer game this has become the norm but as this way of getting more out of us gamers becomes even bigger is it creating a massive area of concern? mobile gaming  has set the stage for microtransaction’s in a big way and because of that we are now under constant bombardment from publishers like Activision and Ubisoft to purchase these add on’s for customization, map packs and in game content. The argument has been quite fierce with no sign of publishers letting up any time … Read More »

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