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When Forza Horizon 3 came out, it was easily one of the best looking games on Xbox One.  With the powerhouse Xbox One X out, Microsoft has made a big push to get developers to enhance their current titles to take more advantage of the console.  Playground Games has come out now and released a patch for owners that is free to download that will give the title native 4K visuals.  After the patch however there have been some people saying that HDR is causing visuals to be much too dark.  Look for Playground Games to investigate this issue. Have ... Read More »
As the Battle Royale genre continues to grow on Xbox One, Fortnite continues it's push to be the most dominate with it's newest addition of content and fixes.  Epic is adding in the Cozy Campfire to help heal between firefights. Cozy Campfire It’s cold outside! Gather around the fire with friends and heal up before your next battle. This healing trap must be placed on a floor and persists for 25 seconds. Heals 2 HP per second Blue rarity Can be found anywhere Also along side this is patch 2.1.0 which introduces a bunch of changes and fixes.  Here are ... Read More »
There's nothing worse than when you're enjoying a single player game than getting loads of messages or game and party invites from your friends is there? If only there was some way for you to show them that you don't want to play with them without appearing offline. Well fear not fellow gamers. Soon Microsoft will be launching something that will help you out. There is a feature currently being tested on the Insider Program that gives you a virtual "Do Not Disturb" sign. Soon, hopefully, this will be launching for the rest of us as well. In an official ... Read More »
By some, last year was called the year of the loot boxes. As 2017 progressed the controversy surrounding the inclusion of loot boxes in video games gained momentum and some went as far as to call it gambling and to say that the inclusion of these loot boxes in major video games could promote gambling to children. A report has come out that seems to suggest that Microsoft is looking into overhauling the achievement system on the Xbox One. The report says that Microsoft are testing a system that they are calling "careers". This system will allow players to level ... Read More »
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds continues to be successful on console and Bluehole is continuing its push to make it more perfect for those whose feel the version is inadequate compared to the PC version as well as those having issues with the game on controller instead of a keyboard and mouse.  A few hours ago, These patch notes and message were posted on the official forum: Xbox players, Thank you for your enthusiastic feedback and support as we transitioned into 2018. The team has been working diligently to elevate the overall player experience, as well as listen and react to our community ... Read More »
If you're anything like us here at Xbox One UK HQ then you'll love custom controllers, particularly when they offer something a little different. Hopefully, you'll agree with us that this latest one from Microsoft looks like a good'un. Sea of Thieves isn't out yet but is available for pre-order it. However, the limited edition controller has already been launched and we think it's pretty awesome. It's a translucent purple design with 'laser etched barnacles' for grip, with a golden right trigger (hidden pirate treasure), and the left control stick is in the form of a compass and a glow in the dark ... Read More »
Let's be honest, ever since its launch the Kinect has been a controversial piece of hardware. There are a few people who love it but then there are a lot of people that hate it and have never really used it. One of the many controversies surrounding the announcement of the Xbox One was the bundling in of the Kinect. The fact that only a handful of Kinect only games have been released since its launch in 2010 shows how unpopular the peripheral has been. Now Microsoft have given us the first real indication that they are considering discontinuing the ... Read More »
Everybody likes a good scare. The thrilling feeling emotion of a jump scare without having your life actually at risk gets the blood flowing and causes the unique feeling for players. Dynamic Pixels has attempted to do just that with Hello Neighbor inviting players to be a small child being hunted down by a creepy neighbour that you've decided to break in the house of. However, with the look of a childrens cartoon and no real suspense build up, Hello Neighbor falls short of what it ultimately wants to achieve. Being a small nameless child, you witness a neighbour up to some suspicious acts ... Read More »
Let's be honest, Curse of Osiris for Destiny 2 wasn't that great.  Mercury was beautiful and the raid lair was amazing but both of the new strikes are just repeats of the story missions and the story did nothing to really develop characters or really make you feel an real emotion on the security of Earth. With that though The Dawning is live and data miners have had a look through the update and we may have some good info on what the next expansion may bring us.  Let's also remember that these leaks are just speculation without any confirmation ... Read More »

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