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This month KONAMI, the developers of MGS V: The Phantom Pain, have gone all out to improve your gaming experience in what appears to be; as many ways as is humanly possible to update a game. The November update starts off with changes to the user interface of the PF Rating screen. With improvements to the way factors contributing to your PF’s overall strength are displayed (handily in time for the PF Rating Event scheduled for later this month). The rating boundaries have also had a tweak and its now much easier to understand them along with detailed information for … Read More »

Last week it seemed the case that Konami were set to be leaving triple-A game production after the website Gameblog reported Julien Merceron, worldwide technology director at Konami, had left the company. Konami itself were said to only be continuing triple-A production with Pro Evolution Soccer. Su Yina-Farmer, Konami Europe’s Communications Manager, suggested on Twitter that this may not be the case, however. I hope re-purposing speculation and rumour as news, isn’t the new standard — Su (@ParodiSu) September 18, 2015 Furthermore, a ticket sent to Konami by a Reddit user enquiring what Konami plan to do with the Fox Engine if they’re done with Metal Gear … Read More »

Metal Gear Solid still sits proudly on my shelf, having reigned supreme as my favourite game on the Playstation. I last completed it in January 2010, in one sitting, no skipped cutscenes or comms and no saves. It was a glorious 12 hours that was witnessed by friends, both gamers and non-gamers, in a tiny university accommodation room after a particularly boozy night before. There was no better (or worse) way to finish the game than to have the final cutscene, which was real video footage rather than game rendered, crash the Playstation 2 I was playing on. To me, … Read More »

Metal Gear Solid fans who purchased the collector’s edition of Phantom Pain won’t be disappointed as the blu-ray disc included contains significant plot points to the story. Without spoiling the story line the intended episode number 51: Kingdom of the Flies ,was added to the blu-ray disc and is told by half-finished storyboards and cut scenes. The episode is fully voiced and provides links between the other Metal gear solid games. The episode gives a insight into the motivation of Snake and Big Boss. Don’t forget, you can always like our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Group and follow us on … Read More »

Hideo Kojima; who has been working on the launch trailer of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, announced today that it will be released tomorrow on August 25th. Kojima’s tweet states; ““the hand-cut launch trailer that I was editing, “Progress and Harmony of Metal Gear (And gratitude to the fans of the past)” will be published on August 25th US time, on the 26th in Japan”   Not only are we getting a beautiful trailer. It is being crafted to express thanks to all of Metal Gear’s fans. Way to go Kojima. Are you looking forward to Metal Gear … Read More »

Looking forward to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? Well if what you knew so far wasn’t enough, you’re gonna be even more hyped after this. Hideo Kojima previously told us that Mother Base in MGS 5 would feature a Zoo, where you could keep the animals you so nicely picked up using the Fulton Recovery System. What you might not have known though is that in the game, you can summon back a flock of combat trained goats to use as a mobile cover. As a minor fan of the game, this brings my hype meter up alot. Will … Read More »

A 30 minute video from Konami deep dives into Metal Gear Solid 5’s Mother Base. Everything from base expansion to base invasion the video runs through. You can expand Mother Base and manage Diamond Dogs to develop new abilities and equipment to use. While you are away you can call in intel, supply drops, first aid and medical treatment, so really Mother Base is worth the time to invest in. You can micromange Mother Base or leave it to your second-in-command, Miller. There is dynamic weather at Mother Base, so you can expect rain. There are posters that benefit you … Read More »

So E3 has been and gone and now SDCC has finished, Gamescom is next on the social calendar for game enthusiasts and now Konami have announced what games they will be bringing to Cologne, Germany early next month. That line-up consists of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 or PES 2016 if you prefer. For those of you who know about such things this isn’t such a big surprise, but is it a disappointment? Metal Gear games have a die hard fan base and to an extent so does PES but with FIFA being the … Read More »

Konami have released their lengthy E3 gameplay demo of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, giving 40 minutes of tactical, espionage operations to take in. The video features commentary, and opens with an address to concerned fans about the inclusion of micro-transactions within the game. You can also expect to see customisation menus and vehicular manoeuvres with D-Dog, as well as an improbably stealthy robot with epic sucker punch skills just after the the 27 minute mark. (The footage is on Playstation as that is all currently available, however the game is also releasing on Xbox One.) Metal Gear Solid V: … Read More »

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