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Memories of Reach, the latest free content update for Halo 5: Guardians, is available now. The update features new armour, weapons and vehicles! As well as those items you can also find yourself in the midst of battle in a new arena, or perhaps you'll find yourself playing the role of the hunter or hunted in new multiplayer game mode Infection. You can see the official launch trailer below:   The trailer is accompanied by this statement which gives you further information on the update: Memories of Reach delivers a new multiplayer game mode in Infection, new Arena map with Stasis, new ... Read More »
As we home in on Memories of Reach, the next free update for Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries this week takes us on a journey encompassing matchmaking preferences, carnage reports, sandbox updates and joyous REQ goodness. First up and there will be three options when it comes to matchmaking post-Memories. Players will be able to prioritise matchmaking speed, or matchmaking accuracy, by choosing one of three new options: Balanced (which is the current default) Focused (prioritising competitive match-ups for your fire team) or Expanded (meaning faster matchmaking times but more chance of a one-0sided match). These options will be present ... Read More »
We might be in that fallow period between Halo 5 updates - Ghosts of Meridian having launched a couple of weeks ago, and Memories of Reach still a few weeks away - but that doesn't stop the team over at 343i from keeping the community updated. This week we take a look at the new social playlist Super Fiesta, the new Waypoint File Browser, and look forward to some controller-tweaking options that will land when Memories of Reach hits our consoles in May. Super Fiesta is a brand new social playlist for Halo 5, promising epic opportunities to clutch matches ... Read More »

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