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Reportedly, Rocket League has been the Xbox One hit we expected it to be - over 11 million downloads on day one. Since launching yesterday, we've had plenty of opportunity to boost, dodge, jump and score epic length-of-the-pitch goals. Safe to say - we're loving it! And it looks like we won't have too long to wait before developer Psyonix starts to mix things up a little with next week's SNOW DAYS - a playlist with a twist. https://twitter.com/RocketLeague/status/700132965284581377 Rocket League Snow Days are to ice hockey as standard Rocket League is to football. Arenas are covered in ice and the ... Read More »
I know it's still a long way until release, but BioWare has revealved that Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature the multiplayer co-op from Mass Effect 3. This will bring back more fun to the game, I know me and my friends spent many nights playing multiplayer, and even if it got a bit repetitive, we still had fun doing it. Hopefully though, they will make a few improvements, but that shouldn't be any major problem I believe. Players will enjoy the co-op multiplayer in a "really big" galaxy. Yeah those words could mean anything, but apparently Chris Wynn admitted that ... Read More »

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