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The underbelly of post apocalyptic New York City has seen some bugs and issues but developer Massive has been taking it upon themselves to make major improvements to The Division.  Massive has shed some light on their plan in the upcoming month to roll out update 1.4. Update 1.4 is set to fixes some bugs in the game but as well adjust things as the loot system to be more rewarding and difficulty scaling being too steep.  Players have experienced going into high level content only to be destroyed in one shot by NPC enemies no matter how well geared … Read More »

Season Pass holders for The Division have something to look forward to today. Some new goodies have been dropped into the game for those that purchased the pass in the form of some new weapon skins and crafting materials. The listed content includes the weapon skins Safari Purple and Burst Mountain, and five of each type of High-End crafting materials. So if you’re an owner of the pass, it’s time to take advantage. The exclusive Season Pass content drop for May 2016 has been delivered on all platforms ! pic.twitter.com/Z1PuSYO5ov — The Division (@TheDivisionGame) May 12, 2016 Make sure you … Read More »

If you’ve been playing The Division lately and keeping up with the news on it, you may have heard about the numerous issues that it has. Furthermore, you likely heard about Ubisoft’s consolation for some of those bugs. More specifically, all players that sign in to the game this weekend will receive 150 Phoenix Credits as compensation for not having access to the daily missions prior to the April 12th update. Additionally, all players that fell victim to the backpack bug or lost a character will receive 500 Phoenix Credits. You may be wondering how you go about claiming those … Read More »

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