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Blizzard‘s popular first person shooter Overwatch is getting a new map for assault and escort.  At Gamescom 2016 they revealed the map Eichenwalde.  Eichenwalde appears to take the fight inside the German castle as well as the small village that surrounds it.  Watch the reveal for yourself down below from Blizzard’s Twitter page: The fight for the future returns to Eichenwalde—a new Assault/Escort map revealed today at gamescom 2016!https://t.co/1ApP6IurtP — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) August 16, 2016 The colors and design are beautiful and the design appear to promote a lot of close quarter combat.  There hasn’t anything in regards to a release date so … Read More »

You can’t argue that Bungie don’t produce some of the greatest multiplayer maps gamers have ever seen. In the run up to the greatly anticipated launch of Destiny: The Taken King we have seen alot of information released regarding levels, gameplay and changes that are being made, this time we take a look into one of the maps, “Vertigo”, and the team’s approach to making a map suitable for The Cruciable. Bungie’s Senior Multiplayer Designer Andrew Weldon and Cruciable Level Artist got together with gameinformer to break down every aspect of The Taken Kings new Mercury map, Vertigo. Watch Gameinformer’s … Read More »

It was always foretold by CD Projekt that Witcher 3 was going to be an incredible eye opener for the scale of the world you will be exploring, and they haven’t failed to deliver in the slightest. So far we have found out that the Witcher 3 map is currently 136km2 which only includes 3 (Novegrad, No Man’s Land and Skellige Island) out of the possible 4-6 regions the game will consist off. The other sizes are currently unknown, so that explains even more how big this game is going to be, lots of free roaming for all avid gamers … Read More »

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