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Bungie have announced another round of server maintenance for Destiny 2 tomorrow, as they have done pretty much every week now since the game launched in early September. There is no news on what's being done, but they have confirmed that servers will be unavailable from 4pm BST until 8pm BST on 3rd October. While having a well maintained game is essential, European gamers are definitely getting the short end of the deal - as our evening gaming time is being interrupted to accommodate maintenance during office hours. Here's hoping it doesn't drag on to 6 hours like it did a ... Read More »
Bungie in their most recent weekly update has made it clear that they are committed to keeping Destiny running as well as it should be all the way up to Destiny 2.  On 4 May, 2017, which is this upcoming Thursday, they will be conducting maintenance.  Here are the full details: Destiny Server Maintenance and Downtime Next week, Destiny Servers will be taken offline for maintenance. Date: Thursday, May 4  Start: 10AM Pacific (5 PM UTC) Expected completion: 2PM Pacific (9 PM UTC) There are also some folks asking about issues with the Silver microtransaction system.  Here are some things ... Read More »
Destiny is down for maintenance today between 4pm-10pm GMT. https://twitter.com/BungieHelp/status/747560765150748673 Mainly this maintenance seems to be down to Iron banner by the looks of things. https://twitter.com/Bungie/status/747560972206804992 Make sure you like our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Group and follow on Twitter for all the latest Xbox One news, reviews and competitions.

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