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So you have somehow ended up in prison and have been put on death row, whoops, but don't fear there is a way out, hurrah! You are Prisoner XE-47623 and unfortunately the way out comprises of being a guinea pig in a test facility for an advanced weapon. Succeed and earn a pardon for whatever deed got you in there in the first place, fail and your sentence will be carried out in full. Your only company throughout the game are the voices of Warden Keene and Dr Karen Womberg. Warden Keene is the first voice you hear and you will hear ... Read More »
Available starting today, 28th August, is the first person puzzler from Swedish indie developers Guru Games Magnetic: Cage Closed. Previously released for the PC, it now makes its way onto the Xbox One. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKaUjhT9ajY#t=85 The developers give this description of the game: Magnetic: Cage Closed is a first person puzzle game where the player manipulates magnetic forces to accomplish their goals. The mechanics are focused around a single tool: The Magnet Gun which allows you to create electromagnetic fields with either positive or negative charges. This power is used to either repel or attract magnetical objects. However, if the objects ... Read More »

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