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The Mafia series has been a solid nod towards the Italian mob genre since its original inception in 2002, but with the third game in this mobster trilogy takes you away from the usual cliché mob antics. Mafia III is a sharp change of pace compared to the familiar Godfather-esque territory of the previous games, as you take on the role of Lincoln Clay – a black Vietnam special forces veteran. Lincoln has just got back from the war and is welcomed back by his adopted brother – a member of the “Black Mob”. That’s important because Mafia 3 doesn’t shy away from the … Read More »

You can officially take revenge in style with the newly released Mafia III merchandise brought to you by Numskull. In Mafia III you’ve got a whole living, breathing city to sort out. But whether you’re knocking up some moonshine out in the bayou or dismantling a crime empire in New Bordeaux proper you need to show your love for Lincoln and his mission for revenge. You can do that with Numskull’s range of Official Mafia III merchandise including T-Shirts, Snapbacks, Console Skins, a Wallet and even a Key Ring!   About Numskull Numskull products help you represent the games and movies … Read More »

Late yesterday Hanger 13 and 2K Studios released a new video that gave us a look at a new family in the Mafia universe. Studio Head and Game Director, Hanaden Blackman, and his team give us a brief introduction to the Marcano family and what we can expect from them in the new game. It is clear from this trailer that the Marcanos are going to be a big part of the new game, having run the criminal underground of New Bordeaux (a fictionalised version of New Orleans) for decades. With the ruthless Don Sal Marcanos at it’s helm. A highlight from … Read More »

Mafia III, developed by Hangar 13, is the series’ most ambitious entry yet, setting its story of revenge with an African-American protagonist in the charged environment of the American South in the 1960s. Mafia games have been known and loved for years for their brutal and non-negotiable look into the dangerous world of the mob. The first 2 title’s looked at the Italian Mafia directly with a Godfather-esk take. Thankfully it looks like Mafia 3 has taken on that kind brutal storyline a little more indirectly and has been compared to GTA V, a title known for sheer violence, the … Read More »

So you think you’re a wise guy do you? Well soon you’ll get another chance to show off your criminal credentials. 2K and Hanger 13 have finally announced that their upcoming game Mafia 3 will be officially released on October 7 of this year. #Mafia3 is coming October 7, 2016. Watch the One Way Road Story Trailer now at https://t.co/TlxOWfKdxtpic.twitter.com/VNjRaKiBhn — Mafia Game (@mafiagame) April 19, 2016 Mafia 3 focuses on the story of Lincoln Clay who is looking for revenge on the mob after they murder his friends. Aided by his three close friends Cassandra, Burke and Vito Scaletta … Read More »

Mafia games in the past have not been known to hold restraint which generally leads to gruesome assassinations and murders without remorse, during an interview with Hangar 13 Executive Producer Andy Wilson today with Prankster 101 to discuss the narrative and authenticity that Hangar 13 is trying to bring to Mafia III it came out that there will ways for a non-lethal approach. “There’s a difference between context-less violence and what we’re showing here,” says Wilson. “Lincoln as a character… he’s a Vietnam vet, he’s a gangster himself, and he’s going up against some really nasty people in terms of the Italian mob. We’re trying … Read More »

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