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We had a quick chinwag with the developers of new horror game The Bunker at Rezzed and they outlined a few possible details about the games 2016 release and also a few more details of how the game will work and it all sounds good at the moment. You can find a link to the original article here. We have already filled you in with the stellar cast and also the games promising developers so we thought we would fill you in with some more details to get those salival glands flowing. As was mentioned in the last article the game is ... Read More »
Now I know what you may be thinking about this - "a live action horror coming to the Xbox One? Sounds an awful lot like a film." I guess in some ways it does sound like a film, but with horror games of late taking a much more story-based approach with interactivity largely taking a back seat. (Layers of Fear for the Xbox One, Soma and Everybody's Gone To The Rapture for the PC and also Outlast to a certain extent). These games all share one thing in common - they are pant-wettingly scary at times, but they also prove that the ... Read More »
As lovers of video games, we've handled our fair share of apocalypses - cities, worlds, even galaxies have been destroyed and we've barely blinked. Apocalypses are huge. People are small. And The Division's Agent Origins live action miniseries brings an apocalypse we have seen so many times before down to a human level - emphasizing the horror society falling would have on ordinary people. The four films run to twenty minutes in total (if you search around YouTube you'll find a super cut of all four films together, but we have linked to the official individual Ubisoft playlist below). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M1IeGvXSFg&list=PLpwyzkZha0Z6qbceVlKbD0B6SrYaWpZVG The ... Read More »

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