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Last year we got the sad news that Microsoft were closing Lionhead Studios and therefore putting a hold on the fan favourite franchise, Fable. This all happened while there was still a Fable game in the works, Fable Legends, meaning that game got cancelled when the studio closed. The last numbered Fable came that we got was Fable 3 but since then we have also had Fable Heroes and Fable: The Journey. This however may not be the end of the series. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox was asked on Twitter about the possibility of a Fable 4 and … Read More »

Thought we had seen the last of Fable? Well apparently not, Flaming Fowl Studios is an indie developer founded by Lionhead veterans Craig Oman, Mike West and Marcus Lynn. Fable Fortune is a fable themed free-to-play card game that has been in works for the past 18months. Microsoft have backed the team up allowing them to use the Fable licence, but without a publisher behind them the focus has turned to crowdfunding on Kickstarter to keep the project going. So about the game itself, what actually is it? It may not be the Fable game we were hoping for but it is the … Read More »

Seems like the ongoing saga between Lionhead Studios and Microsoft has a few more chapters left to tell… According to the site MCV, multiple sources have confirmed that discussions are currently ongoing to save the free-to-play multiplayer RPG. This stems from the consultation process Microsoft is conduction with the members of staff at Lionhead. Supposedly, Microsoft are inquiring with staff members as to whether they would prefer to carry on working on Fable Legends, potentially as an independent studio though this couldn’t be confirmed, or if they would rather just take their redundancy package at the end of the month … Read More »

Not good news I’m afraid The managing director for Microsoft Studios Europe, Hanno Lemke, has announced today that big changes are to be made – mainly affecting the UK and Denmark teams and projects. Also it’s not good news if you’re a fan of Fable legends, it has been decided that development is to be ceased for this title. Also discussions are in place about closing down Lionhead Studios in the UK where as Press Play Studios in Denmark and the Sunset Development on Project Knoxville are being closed, not good news for the industry as they have been responsible for some big titles … Read More »

Are you a Fable fan? Did you manage to get into the previous Fable Legends closed testing? If not you might of been aware and, probably more than a little excited, that the open beta would be coming to Xbox live this holiday season for you to get your hands on for a bit of early testing……. Bad news I’m afraid, Lionhead Studios just announced that it wont be in ‘open beta testing’ until spring next year:   This isn’t all bad news for you though, an extra 100,000 fans will be invited to the closed beta over the next few weeks, … Read More »

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