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During the live Gamescom stream tonight, Microsoft have unveiled a new limited edition Xbox One S console, this time with a Minecraft theme. It comes with a unique Minecraft skin on both the console and controller itself, featuring sounds from the game when you turn on or off the console with a unique red stone light. The bundle will also include a subscription to Minecraft Realms and some additional content. Pre orders are available now and the console will be released 3rd October. Will you want to be getting your hands on this limited edition console, or will you be … Read More »

Our friend Ekim is at it again. This time around he’s posting images of the console backside and packaging for the Gears of War 4 limited edition Xbox One S. Here is something uplifting after the news about no Gamescom Conference from MS.The backside of the Gears Xbox One-S pic.twitter.com/Cg9NbEaLQL — ekim (@ekim_gaf) 13 July 2016 Ah well… here you go. 🙂 pic.twitter.com/e84AZagvJK — ekim (@ekim_gaf) 13 July 2016 I’m sure you’ll agree this console looks stunning! Not only does it look incredible but it gives you the perfect excuse to swap your standard Xbox One console for the new … Read More »

So if you keep up with our news on a regular basis you will have seen us talk about Ekim a lot lately. Over the last month or so alone he has reported that Fallout New Vegas would be backwards compatible, he announced that the Ultimate Sale would see many AAA titles discounted and perhaps most impressively he revealed that The Banner Saga 2 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 would be part of July’s Games With Gold. All of these turned out to be true! Now this isn’t a recent thing, Ekim has been regarded as an industry insider for quite some time … Read More »

As we’re all aware by now a game wont just come out on it’s own, they come with numerous editions, some from a little extra DLC, others to include custom consoles and extra gadgets we all hate to love. The Division is among those game types with limited editions joining the scene on release. The contents is yet to be seen for a couple of them but what we do know is the latest glimpse of the box art is well, pretty good. Not amazing don’t get me wrong but better than the usual picture of a soldier who has … Read More »

Today i pose the above question. With all the awesome looking stuff coming out of Gamescon such as the Limited Edition Halo Console, Controllers and the Xbox Hard drive. Would you pay more for a Limited edition or Xbox branded product? This came out of a Whatsapp group that i have with a group of friends of mine who game on the Xbox One, (Hi Adam, look im on the interwebz!) When one friend of mine and I lusted over the new Halo Limited Edition Console, so blinded by the blue eject button and grey hexagons that it took another … Read More »

Yesterday, Majornelson himself announced the release of the 10th Anniversary Forza Xbox One console. Coming in a fetching blue colour with the classic Forza stripes down the left hand side of the console along with some custom automotive sound effects, it is scheduled for release the same day as Forza Motorsport 6 on September 15th 2015, only pricing for the US market has been released so far, retailing at $399.99, I would expect a UK price point of around £349.99. The Bundle includes the Limited Edition 1TB Console, Wireless Controller in matching colour scheme with rubberised diamond grips and a … Read More »

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