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Battleborn Free To Play?

When Battleborn released earlier this year we found a game that was a pleasant mix of various genres. Whilst having a steep learning curve it was still fun to play with a different and interesting style. Unfortunately, it soon fell out of favour with many gamers. This was no doubt due to it being released so close to the release of FPS juggernaut Overwatch. The games are very different but the popularity of Overwatch definitely hurt a lot of Battleborn’s player base. That being said, the game still has a loyal fan base with many players feeling that by moving the game to free to … Read More »

Titanfall 2 Pre-Order Bonuses and Grappling Hooks Revealed?

There’s been a whole lot of buzz around the release of Titanfall 2 – the latest shooter from Respawn and EA. We’ve covered potential release dates before, but that rumour mill is still spinning. Now it seems that an enterprising Redditor has revealed a few juicy bits of information about what we can expect when the game launches – and, more importantly, when we can expect the get our Xboxin’ paws on the game. According to the Reddit user, who claims to have a source ‘in the know’, the game will be hitting stores in October. That’s an odd choice, … Read More »

Fallout 4 DLC Details Leaked?

Fallout 4 fans are no doubt gearing up for the upcoming Far Harbor DLC that’s due to drop (not to mention the Xbox One Fallout 4 mod creation kit). But it appears that Bethesda may have a few surprises yet to deliver when it comes to the next round of DLC. That’s according to Reddit user Flashman7870, who appeared to have discovered the direction that the game’s DLC may take. Posting in Reddit, Flashman appeared to unveil an incredibly intriguing clue: A reference to Nuka World. What is Nuka World? The current buzz is that it’ll be the apocalyptic equivalent … Read More »

The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine Cover Art Revealed, Features Geralt, Blood and Wine

So finally Polish games studio CD Projekt Red has revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming Witcher 3 expansion pack. And it looks exactly like what every Witcher 3 gamer has been looking for. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt caused a serious storm when it was released in May last year. It was going to be bigger. It was going to be better. It was going to be the most satisfying RPG the world had ever seen. One of the major reasons fans got behind the game was the developer’s stance on DLC, promising to support the game with free content … Read More »

Homefront: The Revolution Release Date Leaks

A release date for Deep Silver’s first person shooter sequel Homefront: The Revolution has been leaked by American retailer Target. Target appear to be accepting in store pre-orders for the new Homefront, which gives you a special “reservation card”, sporting a sweet unannounced release date. As you can see, the release date is the 17th of May, which likely means that the European release date is the 20th of May. Whilst it’s probable that this is the real release date, Deep Silver has yet to make an official statement one way or the other. Source: Game Watcher Don’t forget to … Read More »

Hitman Alpha Information Leaked

In keeping with the recent string of leaked gameplay from alphas, developer tests and many more information releases for upcoming game titles Square Enix has not been left out of the trend         The developers of Square Enix’s upcoming game Hitman allowed a number of game testers and lucky players to get their hands on the alpha for the game and they were given the chance to trial gameplay and comment on what they liked and what they did not like about the game. Of course one of the testers decided to take to Reddit and give … Read More »

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