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Battleborn Free To Play?

When Battleborn released earlier this year we found a game that was a pleasant mix of various genres. Whilst having a steep learning curve it was still fun to play with a different and interesting style. Unfortunately, it soon fell out of favour with many gamers. This was no doubt due to it being released so close to the release of FPS juggernaut Overwatch. The games are very different but the popularity of Overwatch definitely hurt a lot of Battleborn’s player base. That being said, the game still has a loyal fan base with many players feeling that by moving the game to free to … Read More »

Destiny: Rise Of Iron First Mission

So next Tuesday we will see the release of Destiny’s biggest expansion since the Taken King dropped last year. And with a week to go until release we are already seeing leaked footage of the game-play we can expect to see when the expansion drops into orbit on the 20th. Over the course of 3 videos we are introduced to a mission to capture the Vostok Observatory. Each video is roughly 1-2 minutes long and naturally these videos will contain SPOILERS. Part 1 The first video shows our player fighting his way up a mountain side before taking on some Fallen scum. … Read More »

Bioshock: The Collection Outed By Ratings Board

It’s long been rumoured, but it seems like we have some proof that Bioshock: The Collection is indeed a thing that is happening… Just keep the salt handy. Spotted by Twitter user Lifelower, Bioshock: The Collection was apparently rated by the Taiwanese Game Rating Board, but with no comment as to when the game would be scheduled to release. BioShock: The Collection rated for PC/PS4/XB1 in Taiwan. https://t.co/UTJqx7RJDO pic.twitter.com/VA8aY2NPIi — lifelower (@lifelower) March 17, 2016 By the look of the cover art provided, the collection would seemingly include all 3 Bioshock games; 1, 2 and Infinite, and all the DLC … Read More »

Potential Xbox One/Windows 10 Cross-Buy Titles Leaked

Grab your salt folks, I’m about to take you on another tour of the rumour mill! According to reddit (because that’s where all good news stories start), data mining of the Windows 10 version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has revealed a potential list of titles available for both Xbox One and Windows 10. The list is long, and full of games like Microsoft Mahjong, and Microsoft Solitaire Collection, there are some interesting reveals. Games like “Forza Horizons 3”, “Ty the Tasmanian Tiger”, “TJ Combo Boxing”, “Age of Empires” and “Halo: Spartan Strike” are included on the list. The list also … Read More »

New Ghostbusters Game Outed by Retail Merchandiser

According to a report coming from Retail Merchandiser, we can look forward to a new Ghostbusters game haunting shops in July. The report is linked to an interview with Mark Caplan, senior vice president for Sony Pictures Consumer Products, who said that a new “full-fledged” Ghostbusters game was expected to be released around the same time as the new film, which hits on July 15th. It’s unclear at the moment whether or not this new game will be a tie-in to the upcoming film, starring Melissa McCarthey, Kirsten Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, or a sequel to the standalone … Read More »

CoD: Black Ops Could Become Compatible Very Soon

A recent development has thrown fuel onto the rumour fire that Call of Duty: Black Ops will be available via Backwards Compatibility sooner rather than later. According to a member of Spanish news site “Solo Xbox One”, they are currently able to download Annihilation, the 3rd map pack for Black Ops, via the Spanish Xbox One Marketplace. This could a huge indicator that Black Ops could be heading to Backwards Compatibility, but honestly, with the amount of requests it received from gamers, it was bound to become compatible eventually. Check out the picture below for some proof. Source: SoloXboxOne Don’t … Read More »

“No Plans” for The Witness to Come to Xbox One

Braid developer Jonathan Blow’s PS4 and PC title The Witness is dropping on January 26th, and unfortunately we’re not getting in on that action, but for a while, it looked possible. The US ratings board ESRB listed The Witness as an Xbox One title, along with PS4 and PC. This led to a lot of the mainstream media surmising that The Witness would likely be coming to Xbox One in the near future. However, Jonathan Blow took to Twitter in order to put those rumours to bed once and for all: to get the game re-rated. (Provided the content is … Read More »

Dark souls 3: Collectors Editions Leaked

Dark Souls 3 might be getting a pair of collector’s editions, according to retailer listings for next year’s action role-playing game, one of which runs nearly $500. According to Geekay Games, a video game retailer based in the United Arab Emirates, publisher Bandai Namco is soliciting Collector Edition and Prestige Edition versions of Dark Souls 3. As you will see below, both the collectors edition and the prestige edition come with a figurine based on the game, a cloth map, collector’s edition packaging and other trinkets. The main difference between the two seems to be in the packaging and the size … Read More »

Gears Of War Remastered Trilogy Leaked

Gears Of War developer The Coalition has leaked the possible next Gears Of War game to be released. This morning on the Russian version of their website an information page accidentally leaked a brand new game. When translated to English the page read Gears Of War 3 coming to Xbox One August 2015. The Coalition quickly removed this and replaced it with the original Xbox 360 information page once again. This comes after a trailer was leaked last month showing Gears Of War being played on an Xbox One which we covered earlier in the week here.     If … Read More »

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