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Games Out This Week For Xbox One

Pinch, Punch – first of the month and no returns, just wanted to get that in there before anyone else does. So how are we all doing my fellow gamers, can you believe we are in August now? The year is flying by, blink and I think we will actually miss it. But I’m hoping to kick the first week off in style, the last few weeks of new games has been somewhat lacklustre. So shall we see if this week will bring it back from the brink, time to check out the latest ‘Games Out This Week’. Grab your brew … Read More »

Don’t Forget, All New Indie Titles in ID@Xbox Game Fest Sale

Indie games have been celebrated in style this month, with the ID@Xbox Game Fest. Some of the most famous indie games – and some of the awesome, but less well-known ones – have been on sale, including the dreamy Beyond Eyes, Oxenfree and Superhot. Today sees the start of a new collection of games, themed around Xbox’s early access Game Preview program. That means from now, until May 23rd, you can pick yourself up, and support, a few of the indie titles that are currently still (or were once) in the early access beta form. Those games include survival simulator … Read More »

Layers of Fear Review

Given that Layers of Fear is described by developers Bloober Team as a “psychological and psychedelic adventure horror game” it’s natural to be apprehensive. The promise of something deeper and more nuanced than other horror titles starts to fray the nerves even before the game has loaded. Layers of Fear takes place in the first half of the 20th century, and is set in a Victorian mansion. Players are tasked with learning the protagonist’s story by collecting meticulously crafted personal items while traversing the ever changing house. The game starts ominously, in pitch darkness and enveloped by the sound of pouring rain and a … Read More »

Games Out This Week 15/02/2016 – 21/02/2016

Hi there to all of you, my ever faithful Monday morning crew – it’s good to see you all again. How was the weekend, over far too fast aren’t they? I managed to get a bit of gaming in so can’t complain too much, plus it was Valentine’s day as well so got some sweets and chocolates as well. But enough of me waffling on, I know what you want to hear and the real reason you’re here, Monday morning brings us a whole new lineup of games. So without further ado, grab that coffee and park for butt for … Read More »

Layers Of Fear Now Available On Game Preview

If your looking for a horror game this Halloween then look no further. Adventure horror game Layers Of Fear , is now available in the Xbox One game preview. Layers of Fear is a psychedelic adventure horror game about a madness-engulfed insane painter striving to create the work of his life. You will learn the dark story of his past while gathering carefully crafted personal items that can be found in the game. Traverse the vision-induced, constantly shifting house full of supernatural phenomena, where each move of the camera can change the environment, and discover the true motive of the … Read More »

Terrifying Layers of Fear Comes to Xbox One Game Preview on Friday

That’s correct folks! out of nowhere One of the creepiest and highest-rated games on Steam Terrifying Layers of Fear is coming to Xbox One Game Preview this Friday! Of course, this isn’t the final version of the game; as it’s on Steam Early Access, the Xbox One launch will be part of the Game Preview program. Still, I simply cannot wait to fire up my Xbox on Friday and give this a go! This Friday you will be able to buy Layers of Fear as a Game Preview title on Xbox One. Similar to Steam’s Early Access, this version will let … Read More »

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Xbox One UK Elgato HD60s Competition

Thanks to our sponsor Elgato Gaming, we have a fantastic HD60s Capture Card which will be won by one lucky Xbox One UK visitor.

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