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Face Your Childhood Fears with the Little Nightmares Launch Trailer

The long awaited Little Nightmares is almost upon us, and Bandai Namco have released the official launch trailer to celebrate. Playing as a young yellow cloaked girl known only as ‘Six’, the 3D side scrolling adventure takes you through some of the most inquisitive nightmare environments created in a game thus far. We’re not going to give too much away right now, but be sure to check out our review on release day, April 28th. In the mean time, to whet your appetite that little bit more, check out the full launch trailer below:   You can pre-order Little Nightmares for … Read More »

Syberia 3 Launch Trailer Released

You may or may not be familiar with Syberia. The last entry in the game series released way back in 2004 on the original Xbox. However the wait for fans is nearly over as developer Microids has released the official launch trailer. Continuing your journey through Europe as series protagonist Kate Walker, there’s insight toward the games plot and the characters you will encounter on your journey. However be warned if you’re wanting to start Syberia 3 with no clues in regards to the storyline. Although there are no spoilers, the trailer comes in at just under two minutes and … Read More »

Mass Effect:Andromeda Launch Trailer Released

Mass Effect: Andromeda is one of this years most anticipated releases and the most by far the most desired if the results form our recent Facebook poll are anything to go by. On this basis we can be sure that the launch trailer will be a video you will all want to watch. What do you think of the video? Are you looking forward to the characters? Does the game look like you were expecting? Let us know by commenting below and on our social media. You can pre-order Mass Effect: Andromeda at Amazon for £46.00  or from Simply Games for … Read More »

Styx: Shards of Darkness Launch Trailer And Release Date

Focus Interactive have released a launch trailer for the upcoming sequel Styx: Shards of Darkness. The returning goblin thief, Styx (who previously starred in 2014’s Mast of Shadows), will need to utilise all his stealth skills as he makes a bargain with a human in a quest to steal what is known as the ambassador’s scepter. Your reward? A mountain full of Styx power source – amber. This adventure will take you on a strategic, non-linear path where you will need to silently assassinate your foes throughout various means available to you. The title will also feature a two player co-op mode. … Read More »

Dead Rising 4 Launch Trailer

For fans of comedic, zombie slaying, romps there aren’t many better game franchises than Dead Rising. The series has looked up everything required to make a serious, dark and dramatic zombie thriller (which developers Capcom know a little something about) and gone in completely the opposite direction. This zany approach often carries over into the advertising campaign for Dead Rising titles, and the launch trailer for Dead Rising 4 is no exception: Fitting this trailer should come at the start of December as it features Dead Rising icon Frank West narrate his story of zombie slaying glee in the style … Read More »

Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer Drops In

We’re now just a few days away from the release of Watch Dogs 2 and with every launch, comes a trailer. Ubisoft have given us a sharp prod by releasing the trailer early ahead of release. It almost feels as if they are not only reminding us it’s nearly here, but maybe they fear it will get lost among this seasons other big hitters. The sequel to the highly anticipated 2014 original is this time set in San Francisco. New protagonist Marcus is the main feature, with the trailer giving glimpses of his background whilst setting the tone for the game … Read More »

Bethesda Release Dishonored 2 Launch Trailer

Bethesda have today released the launch trailer for Dishonored 2, giving us a final look at what to expect come the games release. The video (below) gives us a chunk of information of the games story, whilst also introducing the game world and a number of characters. Be aware of this if you don’t want to know anything about the games story! We also get a glimpse at some special abilities, along with violence and blood, and lots of it. You can get your hands on a copy this Friday, November 11th. However if you have pre-ordered a digital copy … Read More »

Mafia 3’s Launch Trailer Showcases Clay’s Bloody Revenge

New Bordeaux and its seedy denizens are in for a reckoning, should Lincoln Clay have anything to say about it… The launch trailer for Mafia 3 has arrived, just in time for its worldwide release tomorrow. The trailer shows off the different factions and characters that Lincoln will cross paths with on his quest to avenge his own attempted murder. In the trailer, we also get to see some more of the city of New Bordeaux and the surrounding Bayou, with hippie peace protesters being shaken down by the police. Meanwhile, a poor henchman meets his maker via alligator digestion. … Read More »

Would You Kindly Watch This Bioshock: The Collection Launch Trailer

Would you kindly prepare yourselves for the imminent release of Bioshock: The Collection by checking out the all-new launch trailer for the game. The collection, released worldwide on 15th September, features fully remastered versions of the original trilogy, with a graphical boost in lighting, textures, all running in the holy grail of 1080p/60fps. Or ‘up to 60fps’, at least, as the studio has been keen to point out. Bioshock’s remasters also includes all of the DLC for all of the games, meaning you won’t miss a single thing from Irrational Games’ creepy and well-realised game universe. Fans of the series … Read More »

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