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Kerbal Space Program isn't exactly rocket science. Say what? Calm down, maybe it is, and in this particular instance pretty darn accurate too. With an eclectic mix of realistic orbital physics; from air resistance, gravitational pull and Newtonian dynamics (you might wanna Google that one); with witty humour around a humanoid race that stresses little importance to health and safety, this original space-explorer smashes that final frontier with as big a rocket as inhumanly possible. The setting is loosely based on our own solar system and includes a total of 8 planets and 9 moons all with individual characteristics from size and mass (and ... Read More »
This is Kerbal Space Centre to Explorer One, over? This is Explorer One. Are we there yet? Yes! KSP has finally arrived and is now available on the Xbox Marketplace! Without wanting to repeat myself, and overview of the game can be found on our earlier post from the week.   Latest Update The game IS now finally available on the store HERE (after an earlier update which had it appearing on the store only this afternoon). At the price of £31.99 and a total file size of around 6.5gb after updates (before you start creating ships that is), you may want ... Read More »
Some may be surprised to know that the first time I got to play this game was nearly 5 years ago, shortly after Early Access released. And even then, the sheer vastness of it was incredible; being able to create your own spaceship, sending it into space and, if you were lucky, landing it successfully on Mun (moon) without crashing it, otherwise you'd have to revert back to launch and start it over again! As a fellow Kerbal of the planet Kerbin (sort of people on a sort of Earth) your mission is to explore the Kerbol System via the Kerbal ... Read More »

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