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Kingdom: New Lands isn't for everyone. It's a game that requires exploration and experimentation. And time. Lots and lots of time. It asks players to invest in the world it creates, and invest in themselves. It asks questions to which there may not be answers, and it forces you to adjust your thinking to a time before tutorials and hand holding. And even then, even if you can adjust your thinking and take the time to sit down and explore and experiment, you may still hate it. In simple terms, Kingdom: New Lands is a side scrolling 2D rogue-like where you ... Read More »
Happy Monday morning fellow gamers, how are we all feeling today? The weekend has flown by far too fast as normal, but I managed to get a bit of gaming in which is also pretty epic - how about you? I think we should kick this week off in the best way that I can think of, it's time for your brand new 'Games Out This Week' - what are we being treated to this time? So grab your drink and get your seat, the hype train is now ready to depart. 08/08/2016 88 Heroes At 8 minutes past 8 ... Read More »

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