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UNO, the classic card game, lands on Xbox One a surprisingly long time after the console’s launch. To us, with Kinect-in-the-box (aah, remember those days?) we couldn’t think of a better title to show off the Kinect 2.0’s HD camera. After all, UNO on the Xbox 360 launched at the same time as the Xbox Live Vision camera (I had one) and the delights of seeing other players as you stomped their scores was delicious. Okay, sometimes it was delicious. At other times, you needed to wash your eyes out with bleach. Let’s just say that with alarming frequency the Xbox … Read More »

So you decided to upgrade your Xbox One with Kinect to a new Xbox One S and now you have no use for your Kinect sensor?  Wrong, the folks at Microsoft have been so nice to offer a free method to those who have a Xbox One Kinect sitting around. To use your existing Xbox One Kinect Sensor with a new Xbox One S console, you will need the Xbox Kinect Adapter. This adapter lets you connect your Xbox One Kinect Sensor to the Xbox One S console. This adapter will be available for free to customers who have an … Read More »

Were you one of those gamers who was totally put off Just Dance because, hey, it’s way too much effort? Good news then – Ubisoft have announced an all-new karaoke game where you’ll give your vocal chords a work-out instead. Following on from games like the long-forgotten Singstar, Just Sing will launch with more than 40 songs. Even more interesting, from a tech point of view is that players can use their smartphones as microphones and cameras, meaning no more clunky peripherals that’ll gather dust should the novelty wear off (it’s also pretty cost-effective and more accessible for the studio). … Read More »

We write this review with more than a little wistfulness in our words, for FRU is an example of what could have been, should have been… Much has been written about Kinect, its mandatory status (quickly reversed) blamed for the high launch price and weak sales. The peripheral itself is now almost an embarrassment to the Xbox brand, and the new Xbox One S doesn’t even have a dedicated Kinect port. But FRU developer Through Games screwed their courage to the sticking place and held firm. They should be applauded for continuing to believe in FRU, and themselves, even as Microsoft pulled the Kinect … Read More »

Motion-sensing peripheral Kinect has a had a rough time of it – an early casualty of the botched Xbox One launch, it’s been blamed for everything from the Xbox sales position to living room snooping by the NSA (yes, really.) Now that the Xbox One S doesn’t support the Kinect without an adapter, its fall from grace seems complete. Except… well, re REALLY like Kinect. We still think it’s worthwhile. And so, it seems, does development team Through Games, if their forthcoming ID@XBOX title FRU is anything to go by. FRU is a puzzle platformer that features an innovative use … Read More »

I was expecting my Kinect to be more of a main component to my console, but instead it sits on my tv and acts as a glorified microphone when I’m too lazy to reach for the controller. (Or too lazy to pull up the SmartGlass app even though I have my phone in my hand.) I’ve only used the camera a handful of times on Battlefield 4 (dat lean tho!) and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die (very cool), but usually the cover is left on the lens as I command it around. Most of those commands turn into arguments when it refuses to … Read More »

Ah, the Kinect 2.0, so full of promise and potential. I can remember reading and hearing all about it, with so many improvements and upgrades from the previous model it sounded like the must-have peripheral for the Xbox One. But something has happened to the Kinect; people just don’t seem to want them. It’s an odd one really, there’s no denying it is a powerful piece of tech but it doesn’t have the appeal from customers. Is it because we don’t really know what we can do with it, or is it simply a case of we don’t want it? What … Read More »

We’re pretty on-the-ball here at XboxOneUK, but here are a couple of new features that sort of snuck past us recently. Finally – a sensible place for Use a Code Kinect was great. “Xbox, use a code” and up it popped, ready to read a barcode or for you to input those 25 characters. But if you didn’t have a Kinect it was a frustrating search to find the option – the location for which seemed to change with every Preview build! Well, now it’s front and centre in the Games section of the Store. There it is, on the … Read More »

It’s been two years now and, with a lot of therapy, we can talk about the Xbox One launch without too much twitching. And Phil Spencer has fixed all of those mistakes; in just two years, he and his team have taken our favourite console further than might have been expected. One thing we are sad about, though, is the diminished role of Kinect. We know why it had to become an option, Phil, we get it, we really do. But… somewhere in a parallel universe (where lots of things ARE better, trust me, I have been there) Kinect is flourishing. … Read More »

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