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Killer Instinct is out today for GWG and there is a few things to download to get the best out of your free game Dont forget, you need to download 4 things for this months gwg: Killer Instinct (the new HD game )https://store.xbox.com/nl-NL/Xbox-One/Games/Killer-Instinct/8b4cfd5d-52ff-4ca0-b5e2-112d7fd09830 The Season 1 Ultra pack (free with gwg and unlocks 8 characters) https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/DLC/Killer-Instinct-Ultra-Edition-Add-On/743bcfc6-aca4-4e86-a0b8-0ae3572712f7 The Combo Breaker Add-on https://store.xbox.com/nl-NL/Xbox-One/DLC/Killer-Instinct-Combo-Breaker-Add-On/c07e62f5-9ee8-4698-aadf-a329f73251be And also included in the Ultra pack is the original game: Killer Instinct Classic, this also has to be downloaded separately from the store! https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Games/Killer-Instinct-Classic/97e10d90-f04e-4dbb-83b6-7e130b221568 The links above are to view, you will need to download the season 1 pass ... Read More »

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