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Horror Game Agony Smashes Kickstarter Target

It’s nearly Christmas. Time to break out the horror games, then! And one we have more than half an eye on is MadMind Studio’s Agony, which recently smashed its KickStarter target of CA$66,666. Raising a whopping CA$182,642, Agony bills itself as a Survival Horror game set in hell, where you will “take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming.” Don’t believe the hype – head on over to the KickStarter page or the Agony website to find out more about the game that “makes DOOM look like a kids’ picnic” and check … Read More »

Space Jammers – Kickstarter

Forget everything you know about fighting whilst in space, it’s time to widen your perspective beyond your wildest dreams – have you cleared your mind, now we can begin. Hold on to your space hats, it’s time to check out Space Jammers. It’s up to you to guide the ultimate alien rock band through a dangerous and deadly multiverse, not just any old ultimate rock band though; this one is made up of hardcore kitten pirates. Think you’re up to the task of helping out these fluffy rockers; it’s not going to be easy but, as gamers, we wouldn’t have it … Read More »

Overstep – Kickstarter

Calling all gamers, calling all gamers – this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. A new game is heading our way where only the elite will triumph, think you have the skills required? Let me introduce you to Overstep, a fast paced shooter designed to suit your style of combat whatever it may be. It’s time to delve into the details and find out some more, I hope you’re ready for this. In a time where we began to reach for the stars in space exploration we focus so much on what we could find, this … Read More »

LOST EMBER – Kickstarter

Time to explore the world through different eyes One thing we all love as gamers is the ability to explore vast open worlds with breathtakingly stunning views, it becomes so addicting that we can’t rest until every nook and cranny has been discovered. So how would you feel if I told you that you can go exploring via a whole new perspective, if you could see the environment through the eyes of a wolf – now that has got your attention. What’s even better is we now have an opportunity to do this, there’s no way we can let this … Read More »

Prey For The Gods Coming To Xbox One

Kickstarters are all the rage these days. Some deliver exactly what they say they will, others exaggerate their stretch goals and others flat out surprise us. Earlier this month the three man game studio No Matter Studios launched a kickstarter for their game Prey For The Gods. Initially there target was $300,000 for a PC launch with a stretch goal of $600,000 for a console release. Currently the kickstarter is sitting at around the $280,000 mark so almost at their initial target. Then everything changed. Due to the demands of the fans the developers decided that the best thing that … Read More »

Heart & Slash Review

Heart & Slash, the Kickstarter-funded 3D brawler/roguelike from developer aheartfulofgames, has a charm and challenge all of its own. Usually we’re cautious about Kickstarter games, since few have ever built on the crowd-funded hype – and plenty more fall by the wayside before ever getting a release. And we’re even more cautious about modern games that ape the 8- and 16-bit era of gaming. You know – the sort of game that trades on its pseudo-retro pixel block graphics and simple gameplay. Either they’re absolute gems, like Braid, or they’re lazy versions of Megaman or Mario that are content to … Read More »

Fable Fortune Rises From The Ashes

Thought we had seen the last of Fable? Well apparently not, Flaming Fowl Studios is an indie developer founded by Lionhead veterans Craig Oman, Mike West and Marcus Lynn. Fable Fortune is a fable themed free-to-play card game that has been in works for the past 18months. Microsoft have backed the team up allowing them to use the Fable licence, but without a publisher behind them the focus has turned to crowdfunding on Kickstarter to keep the project going. So about the game itself, what actually is it? It may not be the Fable game we were hoping for but it is the … Read More »

The Wild Eight gets gameplay trailer, lands on Kickstarter

Back in early February we brought you the news that intriguing co-operative survival story The Wild Eight was heading to Xbox One. Expected towards the end of 2016, The Wild Eight takes place following a plane crash in deserted, frozen Alaska. Playing co-operatively as one of eight survivors, the Russia-based development team promises a harsh look at winter survival and a blood-curdling story. The Wild Eight has now landed on Kickstarter to help fund the game’s development. Seeking $50,000 by May, the team have already raised a quarter of that total, so early signs that the game will get the funding it needs look … Read More »

LUX – Kickstarter

Time to prove you have what it takes to survive in this strange dark world Welcome to a hostile and deadly world known as Noch, while you’re here you take the role of a strange energy – a Lux. This world is not small by any means, it’s made up of an ever growing number of biomes which all together create The Wild. You need to traverse across these varied biomes with two main objectives, find out why you exist and to survive. One of the best ways to survive out there is to craft, you can do the basics when you start … Read More »

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