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Calling all RPG fans! Blue Dragon, one of the earliest titles released for the Xbox 360, is now available to play on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. A traditional JRPG, Blue Dragon focused on turn-based combat, dungeon exploration and characters that looked like they're ripped straight from an anime. Makes sense considering the art was created by Akira Toriyama. You know, the creator of Dragon Ball. I mentioned this when Lost Odyssey went backwards compatible, but the Xbox One has basically been crying out for some good quality JRPGs. Though we have Final Fantasy XV at the end of the ... Read More »
Since the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event on the 30th March it has not taken long for the game’s Ultimate Collector’s Edition to sell out. Square Enix announced there would be 30,000 limited copies available world wide and despite the steep price tag of $269.99 it has not stopped this edition going fast. During this time Square Enix has received a lot of feedback from fans how have not managed to get their pre-orders in. Director Hajime Tabata took to Twitter earlier today to address this and thank fans for the large number of downloads the Platinum demo has received. ... Read More »
Good news for all you JRPG fans, and we know there's a lot of you, as Square Enix have dropped a whole load of Final Fantasy XV related goodness for you all! In a new trailer, which follows Noctis on his quest to "Reclaim His Throne", we get a look at some of the new monsters and gameplay we can expect from the full game, with highlights including a boss fight against some gargantuan, Titan looking beast, and a running battle atop a train against waves of soldiers. The trailer also reveals the long awaited release date for Final Fantasy ... Read More »

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