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Bungie will be taking Destiny down today, 17 January, 2017, in preparation for a patch.  Bungie is preparing Hotfix which addresses a couple of recent issues involving Xur and the new heavy machine guns brought to guardians during The Dawning.  Here is what Bungie has alluded to so far: Some Patrol missions in the Plaguelands are not reliably causing enemies to drop their respective objective items Xûr’s “Curio” inventory varies on a weekly basis, due to a limitation of his inventory space Weapon Stability on the Nova Mortis and Abbadon Exotic Machine Guns is inconsistent There will be full … Read More »

That’s it, folks – Christmas is well and truly over. How can we tell? Is it the lack of mince pies, decorations and fat old men trying to break into our homes? Well, yes, actually. That, and the return of This Week at Bungie – the weekly roundup of all things Destiny. We may have packed our Sparrows away until the next season of SRL, but the Live Team is promising another update is on its way, and although there’s no further information our minds are filled with visions of last Valentine’s Crimson Days (has it been nearly a year? I’m … Read More »

Welcome guardian to another weekly reset. The one with Iron Banana. Nightfall: The Will of Crota Old Russia, Earth Omnigul, the mastermind of Crota’s armies, nests in the Cosmodrome. Eliminate this horror and purge its spawn. Modifiers Epic – Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers. Arc Burn – Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased. Small Arms – Primary Weapon damage is favored. Grounded – Players take more damage while airborne. Ironclad – More enemies have shields. Heroic Strike Playlist Modifiers Heroic – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive. Void Burn – … Read More »

Fellow Guardian, it is with great regret that I must inform you this coming Tuesday, 6th December, will see the return of Iron Banner. Ordinarily this is a joyous occasion with over powered Pulse Rifles for all, however this time around it is a solemn and despairing occurrence as the Iron Banner shall be contested in…..Rift. Now that the over dramatization is done with let’s get down to business, here’s what you can expect to earn from Iron Banner this time around. Distant Star Scout Rifle   Branded Lord Fusion Rifle Hunter Loot Titan Loot Warlock Loot So there you … Read More »

It’s Thursday and Bungie has put out some more info on what’s going on with Destiny in their “This Week at Bungie” update.  This Tuesday, 8 November, Iron Banner will make it’s return and will give guardians the first opportunity outside of Trials of Osiris and the heroic mode Wrath of the Machine to get light level 400 gear. This upcoming Iron Banner will feature Control as the game mode.  Guardians will be testing their skills in an attempt to earn the following rewards: Clever Dragon (Pulse Rifle) Silvered Dread (Heavy Machine Gun) Chest Armor Leg Armor Clever Dragon Silvered Dread … Read More »

Rise Of Iron has been greatly successful with the new story missions, strikes, weapons/armour and of course the new raid to name a few. This has kept the guardians busy for a short time, but of course these Guardians don’t hang about any we are baying for me precious loot. With that in mind this week and next brings back our favourite PvP events, as of today Trials Of Osiris returns, and with it Brother Vance brings a whole host of Egyptian style goodies to claim: Next week we also get the highly anticipated Iron Banner, this time around, because … Read More »

If the internet rumour mill is to be believed it could well be a certainty that Destiny’s next expansion will be called Rise of Iron. A recently leaked poster shows the well known Lord Saladin (master of the Iron Banner) stood in front of a fractured piece of the wall, brandishing a flaming axe and flanked by majestic wolves (a reference to the Iron Wolves).   So what do we know about these Iron Lords and Iron Wolves? Well the Lords, of whom Saladin isn’t a member but rather serves as a burning reminder of their sacrifice by using their … Read More »

Another week, another Weekly Update from your friends at Bungie, and this week they’ve been preparing for the return of Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner. From Tuesday April 26th til Tuesday May 2nd, Guardians will gather to do battle in Iron Banner, and maybe even get some sweet gear. And it seems like that Iron Banner gear will be dropping more than usual, as you no longer have to be Rank 2 to be able to receive the gear from drops. A more complete list of changes reads as follows: Lord Saladin’s inventory has been updated with items at … Read More »

The Destiny April update is imminent and looming just over the horizon and Bungie has teased more information on the contents of the update in their April Update Preview of Crucible and Sandbox changes. Among the many changes planned for the game, there are a few stand-outs to say the least. Bungie has made alterations to revives and ammunition availability in PvP in particular, demonstrated in a controlled environment of Warlocks doing Science! Revives have been altered to require players to be closer to the downed teammate’s ghost and it will take slightly longer for the revive to be performed. In … Read More »

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