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Rise Of Iron has been greatly successful with the new story missions, strikes, weapons/armour and of course the new raid to name a few. This has kept the guardians busy for a short time, but of course these Guardians don’t hang about any we are baying for me precious loot. With that in mind this week and next brings back our favourite PvP events, as of today Trials Of Osiris returns, and with it Brother Vance brings a whole host of Egyptian style goodies to claim: Next week we also get the highly anticipated Iron Banner, this time around, because … Read More »

If the internet rumour mill is to be believed it could well be a certainty that Destiny’s next expansion will be called Rise of Iron. A recently leaked poster shows the well known Lord Saladin (master of the Iron Banner) stood in front of a fractured piece of the wall, brandishing a flaming axe and flanked by majestic wolves (a reference to the Iron Wolves).   So what do we know about these Iron Lords and Iron Wolves? Well the Lords, of whom Saladin isn’t a member but rather serves as a burning reminder of their sacrifice by using their … Read More »

Another week, another Weekly Update from your friends at Bungie, and this week they’ve been preparing for the return of Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner. From Tuesday April 26th til Tuesday May 2nd, Guardians will gather to do battle in Iron Banner, and maybe even get some sweet gear. And it seems like that Iron Banner gear will be dropping more than usual, as you no longer have to be Rank 2 to be able to receive the gear from drops. A more complete list of changes reads as follows: Lord Saladin’s inventory has been updated with items at … Read More »

The Destiny April update is imminent and looming just over the horizon and Bungie has teased more information on the contents of the update in their April Update Preview of Crucible and Sandbox changes. Among the many changes planned for the game, there are a few stand-outs to say the least. Bungie has made alterations to revives and ammunition availability in PvP in particular, demonstrated in a controlled environment of Warlocks doing Science! Revives have been altered to require players to be closer to the downed teammate’s ghost and it will take slightly longer for the revive to be performed. In … Read More »

It’s been a big week for Bungie – details of the much-anticipated April Update began to creep out, former Director of Music Marty O’Donnell spilled the beans about a cancelled project, and we speculated on the game and its content (or lack thereof). But it’s the weekend, so that means we get a recap of all things Bungie straight from the developers themselves. And this week, it’s (almost) all about the April uopdate. This week Bungie shared the first of three previews of the April Update. “New Things to Do” was the theme, showing off new stuff in the Reef … Read More »

It’s another week, and we’re back again with more coverage of Bungie’s Weekly Update, letting you know the big changes coming to Destiny. Some big news coming from this update is the announcement that Iron Banner will return next week, and for the first time ever, it will be contested under Clash rules. No Control, just eliminate everything with a pulse. Rewards for the Iron Banner event have also been tinkered with, as you can see below: Iron Banner reputation from winning matches increased by 20% Activity completion rewards increased at all ranks, with even more significant increases at Rank … Read More »

Guardians! Grab your exotics, form your Fireteams and report to the Crucible, because Lord Saladin and Brother Vance are returning for some more special PvP action. In the latest Weekly Update, Bungie have laid out what changes are coming to Iron Banner, which is scheduled for October 13th, and the Trials of Osiris, which is coming on the 16th October. Changes include tweaks to the level of loot drops and how Trials of Osiris matchmaking works. Teams with 1 win will be matched with other teams with 1 win, teams with 2 wins are matched together and so on. Finally, … Read More »

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