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For all you assassins out there today is a day to rejoice. The latest Episode in IO Interactive’s episodic Hitman series, Episode 5: Colorado, has been released and it looks to be as dark and sophisticated, if maybe a little more rural, as any episode to date. Set in the farmland setting of Colorado, Hitman- Episode 5: Colorado sees Agent 47 completing an infiltration mission at the training camp of a private militia and it is set to be his toughest challenge yet. This time you will have to take out four separate targets, Sean Rose, Maya Parvati, Ezra Berg … Read More »

This years reinvigoration of the Hitman franchise has been a resounding success. The new episodic style was a risk but one that has proven very popular with fans. This is the sandbox Hitman game that people have been asking for. Here you can truly become Agent 47. Even before the end of the first season fans have been asking if and when there will be anymore seasons. One fan took to Twitter to ask and Agent 47 (or one of his elusive representatives) replied. @bergf89 Of course, our plan is to have three seasons. Although Season Two hasn’t been confirmed … Read More »

Playing as an assassin is a dime a dozen these days; everyone wants to play as a hired killer with only the next target on your agenda. But let’s be honest; nobody is as badass or as graceful a killing machine as the original assassin himself, Agent 47. This Hitman – a reboot of sorts for the franchise – starts off at the beginning of Agent 47’s career where he first meets his long time handler Diana, and starts on his path as the number one gun for hire. This feels like the right move for the next chapter in Hitman; with the franchise … Read More »

Much was made about Hitman before it released in March after being delayed from December. Nearly everyone despaired when it was announced that the game would be an episodic affair and so far the running hasn’t been so smooth. IO Interactive plans to release an episode a month and it will just about make that deadline by the next episode with a 26th April release date and set in Sapienza. Hitman’s first episode in an open world Paris received an excellent 9 out of 10 from us here. Now we’re looking forward to episode 2, after seeing these brand new screenshots … Read More »

Hitman‘s second episode ‘Sapienza’ will release on Tuesday, 26 April, IO Interactive has announced. The episode will be available at no additional cost to owners of Hitman: The Full Experience, or as a £7.99 download to owners of the first episode. Intro Pack owners can also pay £36.99 to upgrade to the full season. Sapienza takes players to an Italian coastal town and introduces a brand new mission featuring a new target, Silvio Caruso. We recently reviewed Episode One – giving it a creditable 9 out of 10, and calling it “A perfectly pitched experience displaying commendable attention to detail.” … Read More »

Sometimes you have to take the good news with the bad, and this is one of those cases. On the good news front, IO Interactive has let loose that they are planning on shedding light next week on the specific release date of Sapienza, the second episode of Hitman. Also, the Vampire Magician Challenge Pack will be releasing soon , so you’ll be able to ruthlessly murder your targets as a magician. This challenge pack will release as a game update for all platforms and also provide some fixes to the game as well. For bad news, the Elusive Targets … Read More »

The game director of Ubisoft’s mega-money title The Division has jumped ship to Io Interactive. The director in question, Ryan Barnard, who played a huge part in making The Division everything it is recently wrapped up production on the latest intellectual property from the company behind games such as Rainbow Six Siege and the Assassin’s Creed franchise. His new role sees him take up the mantle of Gameplay Director, this means he will lead three individual teams on Io’s latest project, a reboot of the famed Hitman series. The teams Barnard leads will be primarily responsible for “gameplay, online and world” … Read More »

The only real Hitman, Agent 47 is back and better than ever, the trailer below celebrates that 47 is in the prime of his career in a new, live and ever-expanding, episodic game that will give players new contracts and challenges to complete every week as well as major content drops every month until season end. Featuring the track “Men Today” by HEALTH, the trailer showcases the Prologue and Paris locations from the first episode as well as the Italian coastal town of Sapienza dropping in April and a first glimpse at several areas from the Moroccan imperial city of Marrakesh … Read More »

Those of you looking the pre-order the new Hitman game, you’re back in luck, as Square Enix and Io-Interactive have announced they’re allowing pre-orders once again for the latest of Agent 47’s adventures. The game will be released on March 11th, with only a handful of episodes. New missions and locations will then be added over the rest of 2016. Regarding the pre-orders, Square Enix are offering two packages; the “Full Experience”, which gives you everything as and when it comes out for £44.99, or the “Intro Pack”, which offers the prologue and Paris episode only for £11.99. If you … Read More »

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