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Microsoft Looking To Revamp The Xbox Achievements System

The measure of an Xbox Gamer can usually be determined by the size of their gamerscore, at least for the most part. The system doesn’t take into account those players who like the focus on one or a handful of games, but that could be changing soon. In an interview with YouTuber Rand al Thor 19 and Windows Central Senior Editor Jez Corden, Xbox Platform Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra had a bunch of things to say about the future of the Xbox brand, and where the achievements system could be going in the future: “[W]e can do a lot … Read More »

Phil Spencer Talks The Future Of Xbox Play Anywhere

Last week head of Xbox division Phil Spencer met with Austrailian site PC Authority for an interview, with the main topic of conversation primarily focusing on Xbox’s latest initiative Xbox Play Anywhere. This new initiative is aiming to bridge the gap between gamers from both PC and Xbox communities. Xbox Play Anywhere is an initiative allowing  consumers to cross-buy their games, therefore allowing  you to play your games on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. There will also be a feature to allow you to retain any progress you made in those games when you switch platform. For the time being … Read More »

EGX | Interview with Angry Mob Games

We’ve made no secret that we’re excited for Angry Mob Games‘ competitive platform fighter Brawlout – and after yesterday’s hands on, doubly so. And so we couldn’t pass up the chance to speak directly with Angry Mob’s Bogdan here at the show. First up, everyone wants to know when the game’s coming out. “We’re launching on Steam Early access first, in early 2017,” explains Bogdan. “And console editions will follow a little later.” Bogdan went on to explain that ID@Xbox are keen for Brawlout to be part of the game preview programme on Xbox, but no decision has been made on that. Here … Read More »

Cam Rogers Speaks About Quantum Break Story

In a recent interview, Windows Central was able to squeeze some information about the Quantum Break narrative elements from one of Remedy Entertainment’s writers, Cam Rogers. Rogers spoke at length with Windows Central about some of the choices they made with the plot. He even touched on some of the surprising details behind the way things work in the game, specifically the time travel mechanics. The branching storyline turned out to be one of the problems that Remedy faced. Introducing choice into the game required the development team to attempt to balance player freedom with a cohesive plot. If you’ve … Read More »

Fired Bungie Composer Speaks Out For The First Time to IGN

IGNs Ryan McCaffrey talks exclusively to Marty O’Donnell about his firing from Bungie for the first time since the lawsuit was concluded, it starts very much the same as this whole lawsuit has been finalised, Marty is still very much in the dark about why he was fired in the first place, let alone why it wasn’t amicably concluded in any way. It’s evident from start to finish that Marty is still very much surprised about the whole thing and the “why” behind it being done, he does mention he saw the writing on the wall in the lead up to his firing but … Read More »

Fallout 4 Launch Interview With Peter Hines

With the launch of Fallout 4 today wasteland themed excitement has grown to fever pitch and what kind of people would we be if we didn’t at to this fever just a little bit more. Bethesda’s Pete Hines has been talking to and exquisitely dressed Major Nelson from Microsoft about Fallout 4 and it’s launch. Hines also gives fans a closer look at what they can expect from the game and gives more details about mod support for Xbox one. In the Video below Hines also gives his own personal insight into the game and what his own attachment to … Read More »

Plants vs Zombies: Kyle Duncan Interview

How do you turn a mobile tower defence game into a massive successful multiplayer third-person shooter? Beats me, but PopCap went ahead and did the unthinkable with the great Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, now if you havnt had chance to play, then what are you waiting for?! Got EA Access – head right into the vault its there for you to take advantage of. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has been and still is a great success, that much so, it comes as no surprise the 2nd (Garden Warfare 2) is on its wayto Xbox in 2016 which is … Read More »

ReCore – New Details Emerge

So one of the biggest surprises at E3 was the new IP ReCore, an Xbox One Exclusive, the teaser trailer at E3 depicted a young woman with a robot dog walking through a desert exploring or searching for something when they are attacked by giant robot spider things. From this alone i was hooked, very much looking to finding out more. Well today i can tell you that more details have emerged online! Thanks to an interview with creator and director on Xbox’s YouTube channel. Some of the stuff we already know about ReCore is that it is from Megaman … Read More »

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