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Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Neon Coloured Insanity

After the announcement trailer for Rage 2 landed yesterday, publishers Bethesda have provided us with the gameplay reveal that was promised alongside the announcement trailer today. Developed by Id Software (the team who brought us Doom and Quake), the latest trailer showcases a Mad Max style post-apocalyptic world spattered with vibrant neon colours, stylish mohawks and ludicrously over-the-top action with chaotic driving and fast-paced shooting. The trailer boasts a wide open world, insane action, and an arsenal of weapons. The original Rage was a critically acclaimed, visually stunning story-driven shooter released in 2011 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. As of time of writing, there is no … Read More »

Bethesda Wants You!

DOOM is set for release on May 13th 2016. And as part of the final push, Bethesda have asked for the fans help in designing the cover art. That’s right…. Bethesda wants YOU to choose the cover art for its up coming title DOOM. OPTION A id Software has been working on some #DOOM reverse sleeves. Here’s Option A (Poll Incoming) pic.twitter.com/LGZ4Xb4em6 — DOOM (@DOOM) March 3, 2016 OPTION B Here’s Option B (Poll incoming) #DOOM pic.twitter.com/XyTsq9ENQ1 — DOOM (@DOOM) March 3, 2016 What do you think? Option A has a very Diablo feel about it, and with its minimal … Read More »

Will DOOM Actually Run At MAX On Xbox One?

According to Bethesda. “It will” DOOM originally came out way back in 1993. At the time or release it was a ground-breaking game for numerous reason, but mainly due to how it looked. It was one of only a handful of games that utilised ‘all’ of its massive 16 bit processing power. Move on 23 years and DOOM is still up to its old tricks! According to Bethesda, in a 3 part article titled “22 reasons to love DOOM” Lead Project Programmer Billy Khan has stated: “We want players to wonder how DOOM and idTech 6 games can be so visually stunning at 60 frames-per-second … Read More »

Limited Time Only DOOM Pre-Order Bonus On Xbox Store

We all know DOOM’s release is approaching fast- Friday May 3rd. And to avoid dissapointment many of you will be pre ordering the game from your favourite game supplier. I personally have gone with the Collectors edition to get the fully-realized 12” tall collector’s statue of one of the game’s most iconic demons: the Revenant. If you would like to know more about the collectors edition, visit our previous article here. If its a bit out of your budget (costing roughly £100), then you needn’t worry as Microsoft have you covered. Visit the Xbox Store and you will find they are … Read More »

Are These DOOM’S Single Player Levels And Enemies?

Well the DOOM train is gaining momentum all the time. With the games release just around the corner (May 13th). People are hungry to find out any little bit of info they can surrounding the game. We recently wrote about the length of the campaign mode – you can find it Here in case your wondering just how long it is. And the news doesn’t stop there, head over to Doom World and you will find that someone has been routing around inside of the Alpha files: – THE SPIDER MASTERMIND/SPIDERDEMON is present. – The same for the Archvile. – … Read More »

DOOM 4 – Why It’s Going To Be Huge

Cast your minds back 22 years ago to 1993, now imagine looking through the shelves at the local game store. There a dark box with glowing orange shading, someone shooting for their life and capital letters across the top simply saying ‘DOOM’. It was one of those games that made you run home and start playing straight away, it was right then when the ‘first person shooter’ genre was born. Jumping back to the present day, ‘DOOM 4’ has managed to generate this same level of hype and hysteria. With ‘DOOM 2: Hell On Earth’ back in 1994 and ‘DOOM … Read More »

Sign-up to DOOM MP Closed Alpha

id Software and Bethesda Studios have unveiled a sign-up page for the DOOM multiplayer closed Alpha, allowing eager fans to get an early taste of the game while assisting the developers in testing the server infrastructure. What can you expect in the Alpha? The action will take place on one map, “Heatwave”, described as “industrial-themed” and “an arena setting featuring plenty of armor, ammo, and health pickups. Narrow corridors, walkways and small chambers all link to a central, open area of the map, providing players with a variety of environments that suit varying playstyles, as well as the focus point for fighting over … Read More »

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