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VR Will Only Come To Scorpio When It’s Ready

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has spoken out about his thoughts and Microsoft’s VR plans in a recent interview. And it appears that they are be no rush to bring the format to Scorpio or Windows 10. Asked where VR currently sits on the agenda for Microsoft, Spencer appears to not be convinced just yet. Though stating he loves the technology behind it, and that he owns Oculus Rift and a HTC Vive, it is key areas of the current market and development he is considering. Spencer states; ‘I don’t think the creators in the game space have yet found – … Read More »

Xbox One Will Stream Straight to Hololens

While the virtual reality revolution continues to pick up pace, Microsoft’s AR headset is quietly carving its own path. The Hololens developer kit went on sale after the company’s Build conference, and since then we’ve heard… Not much. Until now. It’s now confirmed: the new headset will definitely have the ability to stream the Xbox One directly to Hololens, thanks to the Windows 10 Xbox app. That makes sense. Gamers already have the ability to stream their console directly to their Windows 10 desktops and laptops – so it’s natural that the option is also available for the AR device. … Read More »

Xbox Lead Sees Potential In AR

Earlier last week at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference, journalists were able to secure some time with the Xboss Phil Spencer, about a few things that have been making their rounds in the media. Of these subjects which included Tim Sweeney’s concerns over the Universal Windows Platform, Xbox exclusives heading to PC, and the Xbox One’s Developer mode, was the question of whether or not Microsoft’s Hololens would become a gaming platform. Spencer responded to the question of augmented reality as a gaming platform, stating it is a possible future for games, but that the current state of technology like … Read More »

HoloLens: Microsoft Not Rushing For The Right Reasons

Virtual reality is what alot in the gaming field think is the future to our ever growing graphical entertainment evolution, Microsoft’s edition to this much sought after piece of hardware named HoloLens is something we at Xbox One UK have been very excited about and its all we have been waiting for, so why is it taking so long you may ask? Microsoft is in no rush to release the HoloLens and probably for the best reason, quality and content. When Microsoft first launched the Kinect it sold well over 10 million units in a staggering 60 days only but was … Read More »

Game streaming to HoloLens demonstrated

Here at xboxoneuk.com we’re no strangers to Microsoft HoloLens. No, we don’t have one, before you ask, but we have read everything we can get our hands on about Microsoft’s Augmented Reality device, and written a fair amount about it too. In the Summer it was confirmed that HoloLens, as part of the Windows family, will have access to Xbox Live, and our gaming interests were piqued. When we learned that HoloLens project manager Varun Mani had posted a YouTube video of Halo 5 being streamed direct to HoloLens, our imaginations were fired… ~ Streaming Xbox One games to Microsoft HoloLens. A play in three Acts. … Read More »

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Believes In HoloLens Uniqueness

2016 is looking to be an especially bright year for the Microsoft corporation, especially when it comes to Xbox and it’s surrounding endeavors. Chief of these potential gold mines for Microsoft is their up and coming HoloLens technology. Microsoft first showed off the HoloLens at this years E3 conference, creating a 3D and interactive Minecraft world on a tabletop. A mass launch may still be a significant way off, but Microsoft is firm in the belief that they are the only company that can develop the tech to its fullest potential. During the Credit Suisse Technology Conference Yusuf Mehdi, the … Read More »

Augmented Reality and VR Show dated for 2016

Next year will see the launch of Oculus Rift, the headset that’ll make realities come to life before your very eyes virtually, and Microsoft’s HoloLens, the headset that’s set to take on the virtual reality with its augmented reality. If you’re a fan of these devices – and any similar – then take note of the following dates: 15th – 16th March 2016. Over those two days the ‘Augmented Reality and VR’ conference will take place at Excel London. Billed as Europe’s biggest show for VR, augmented reality and smartglass devices, it will feature the latest apps and software, while visitors will … Read More »

Hololens – Xbox Live Confirmed

A few days ago on the 3rd of August during a GDC Europe session “One game across PC, Phone, Xbox, and HoloLens”, hosted by Jaime Rodriguez of Microsoft. Rodriguez spoke about the Xbox Live API (application program interface) being available for any device which is part of the ‘ Universal Windows Platform’ which will include the head-mounted display for Hololens. During this session, he revealed that the Xbox Live API is an integrated API that is also available for other devices such as, Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows Phone and that the HoloLens is also included in this, meaning any … Read More »

Microsoft to use gaming as ‘core pillar’ for future vision of the company

Microsoft chief executive, Satya Nadella, has identified the need for new technology and software centered around gaming to be a ‘core pillar’ of his future vision of Microsoft. In a mission statement distributed to all Microsoft employees (and subsequently published online via Geekwire), Nadella highlighted the needed for “inter-connectedness” between the various platforms. From a gaming perspective, this means bringing together XBox Live, PC, mobile and HoloLens platforms to create a genuine integration of multiple gaming platforms, enabled by the cloud. In the statement, Nadella said of gaming: “We will pursue our gaming ambition as part of this broader vision … Read More »

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