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Hitman 2: Sniper Assassin Review

HITMAN 2 was recently announced and has been set for a release this coming November. IO Interactive has been kind enough to let everyone play a taster of what is to come. Pre-ordering HITMAN 2 will grant you access. Being only one level don’t expect a huge amount of depth like the main game but with that, it is great fun and well worth a look if you’re a fan of Season 1. You take control once more of Agent 47 but this time, instead of getting up close and personal you have positioned yourself on a nearby cliff edge. Similar to HITMAN Absolutions Sniper … Read More »

Hitman Season 2 Possibly Leaked Before E3

Over the past few hours, we have reasons to believe that a new Hitman game may be on the way. The official Hitman Twitter account sent out a tweet today that points to a reveal on the 7th of June, which is the same day that publisher Warner Bros is holding a pre-E3 2018 reveal event. Now, why are these two things connected you may be asking, well in the tweet from the Warner Bros Games account it shows a race car with the brand “Hamsun” on it; Which was the fictitious oil company referenced in Hitman Season 1. Even more information and … Read More »

Hitman Episode 2 Is free right now

 Hitman’s second chapter Agent 47 heads to the town of Sapienza, originally released back in April 2016. In its main mission, Titled  “World of Tomorrow,” you must eliminate two targets as well as destroy a lethal virus. Sapienza is a large area set in a small seaside town, which contains a villa and a secret underground laboratory. It’s a free download for the next week but will no longer be available as of April 3, but anybody who downloads The Spring Pack before that date will be able to keep it forever — and if they buy the full game in … Read More »

IO Interactive Announce Independence

In a tweet this afternoon, IO Interactive have announced that they are now independent, and that they still own the IP rights for their popular Hitman series: We're now officially an independent studio & we have complete control of the Hitman IP! Read the full statement: https://t.co/ttn2bAdgGy pic.twitter.com/p3yLFP7Btg — Io-Interactive (@IOInteractive) June 16, 2017 Following an announcement by Square Enix  back in May, the future of the studio looked bleak for a while. Passionate fans of the studio, and especially their popular Hitman franchise, feared the worst. However, the announcement today appears to bring a positive ending to the saga. … Read More »

Layoffs Confirmed At IO Interactive

Following on from the announcement of plans for the sale of IO Interactive by Square Enix, today IO Interactive have confirmed that layoffs will be taking place at the studio: An update from the studio: pic.twitter.com/k0aoms5cOQ — Io-Interactive (@IOInteractive) May 23, 2017 The positive side of the Tweet is that it does refer to “future adventures“. Square Enix previously mentioned that they were searching for investors in the studio – so it is possible that this search is ongoing. Up until the announcement a few weeks ago, IO were thought to be developing a second season of their episodic Hitman game. This … Read More »

Hitman Developer to be Sold by Square Enix

In a note to investors, Square Enix has warned of a £33m extraordinary loss in its results for year ending 31st March 2017. With the losses suffered, the sale of developer IO Interactive is now becoming a result. The first season of the Danish developer’s most recent game, Hitman, was originally sold as an episodic title before being bundled on disc. IO have continued to support the game, and an imminent second season was widely anticipated. Unfortunately, it appears that sales of Hitman may have been insufficient in the eyes of Square Enix – who recently retired the Deus Ex franchise following … Read More »

Hitman Elusive Target #23, “The Papparazzo” is live now

The Hitman series of games has proven very popular over the years and it is easy to see why, with decent levels of gameplay and graphics in the previous titles. Square Enix would appear keen to keep owners of Hitman Episode 1: Paris entertained while waiting for the next in the series is released. To do this they are releasing a number of “Elusive Targets” for which you will earn in-game rewards. So sit down, grab yourself a drink and get ready to find out who your next job is. The latest in the series of “Elusive Targets” for the Hitman … Read More »

New Square Enix Game Now Backwards Compatible

Honestly, I could have sworn this was backwards compatible, but we press on. The library of backwards compatible games is growing, week by week, with some huge additions being made recently. Last week saw GTA IV become compatible, and today Major Nelson has revealed the next game in line: Hitman: Absolution is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today https://t.co/qPMRNrLoTQpic.twitter.com/uKyWweHsRM — ? Larry Hryb (@majornelson) February 14, 2017 For anyone looking for a decent story and the chance to murder a bunch of freaks in weird and wonderful ways, Hitman: Absolution might be for you. What do you make of … Read More »

Hitman Bonus Mission Revealed

Earlier this month we told you about Hitman’s January release schedule. On January 31st the third bonus mission, Landslide, is set to be released. This mission will take you back to the Sapienza map but there has been a few changes since the last time you were here. This time around there is a music festival called Festival del Paese and it is here that you will find your target. Your target this time around is a politician called Marco Abbiati and he will be attending the festival so this is your one chance to take him out. To show … Read More »

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