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Smite has been the latest game to receive a much needed patch to address issues. Rising Dawn has now been released and with it, a new character, the season pass, spectator mode and balance changes. The latest god to be introduced comes in the form of Khepri, a giant scarab capable of shielding allies and preventing their death with the use of his ultimate ability. The Season Pass makes its introduction in this patch allowing players to earn fantasy points through purchases, winning games with the associated loading frame and predicting the outcomes of matches. A long awaited and much ... Read More »
Hi-Rez studios that gave us SMITE, recently converted to Xbox One, has published their next project which has been in the making for the past year. Paladins, as it's called, is a free to play "team strategic FPS" that will be available to test at Gamescom this year. Personally I'm interested in the game seeing as I've played a bit of SMITE and I'm curious as to what they might deliver with this. Paladins is a fast-paced fantasy game with a "in-match" character progression through collectible cards.   The fantasy shooter has some pretty fine looking models currently released and ... Read More »

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