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Realm Royale Is Coming To Xbox One

On the back of the rise in the popularity of the battle royale genre we have seen a whole host of games release their own take on the game mode. Paladins is the latest game to tip there toes in this lake. Today Hi-Rez Studios have announced that Realm Royale, their battle royale game is now coming to the Xbox One. Realm Royale is set in the Paladins universe and it’s art style is reminiscent of the cartoony style that made Fortnite as popular as it is. It has a sense of humour which could well adhere it to people.You … Read More »

Latest Paladins Update Is Delayed

Paladins, the third person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios was due to get an update on the 13th of this month but now this has been delayed until June 27th. This update was due to bring with it a new champion, Furia, a new event called Rise of Furia, and a whole host of new skins. The developer announced that the delay was due to technical difficulties. These technical difficulties could be due to the fact that the developer has a lot on it’s plate at the moment. They are developing a new game, bringing Paladins to another console and also … Read More »

A New SMITE Bundle Is Now Free

Smite is a third person multiplayer online battle arena game that sees you play as a god and goddess and take part in team based arena combat. Traditionally the standard version of these game has been free to play but you can buy extras through the in game store. This months Games with Gold offering is a special bundle for Smite called the Smite Gold Bundle. In this bundle you will get your hands on 20 Gods, more than 50 skins, voice packs and more. All of this will be yours for free. This offering would normally cost you £69.99. … Read More »

Paladins Gets An Eggciting New Game Mode

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a team based, first person shooter very much in the style of Overwatch, although the developer will dispute this fact. There are multiple heroes for you to choose from, each with their own unique styles and abilities. The game also doesn’t take itself to seriously. If you would like proof of this you need look no further than the new game mode that Hi-Rez studios are introducing. The developer announced today on Twitter that they will be introducing a new game mode called Fowl Play. Introducing our new game mode, Fowl Play! Chicken Champion … Read More »

Paladins’ Closed Beta Can Now Be Downloaded

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is an FPS very much in the vein of Overwatch, although the developers are quick to dispute this. In their eyes more inspiration was drawn from Team Fortress 2. That may well be the case but here you have a collection of heroes to play as who all fit into several different classes. You play 5v5 matches against either other players or bots. The console closed beta for Paladins: Champions of the Realm is now available to download. There is of course one slight catch. To get access to the Beta you need to purchase … Read More »

Steam’s Hit FPS “Paladins” Coming to the Xbox One

If you just squint your eyes just a little bit, you’ll almost think you’re looking at Overwatch… First person shooter, featuring colourful and varied “champions” who utilise their own unique abilities? There’s even a guy who uses a chain to hook people! Alright, that’s a little unfair. If reddit posts from Hi-Rez Studios are anything to go by, Paladins has been in some form of development since 2010 when Hi-Rez released a project called Global Agenda, the project that eventually became Paladins. Give Hi-Rez their due, they’ve been sitting on this idea for a long time. But with that out … Read More »

Smite 3.1 Patch Introduces Season 3

The latest patch for Smite has come out and with it a new season – Season 3. So as this MOBA game matures is there really anything new to add that keeps it fresh? The short answer is yes, as I found out last night feeling like a complete noob in Joust, the games 3 vs 3 single-lane mode. The brand new Chinese-themed map layout is a complete change to the older version. Instead of a single tower lane with two side-lanes, teams now have access to a Mana Camp near their spawn, a single competitive Damage Camp directly off the centre … Read More »

Smite – Out now

Hey guys, this SMITE be of interest to you… (I’m sorry) Xbox Lives Major Nelson (@MajorNelson) recently announced that SMITE is available for download, for free! SMITE is the online battleground of the gods. Players choose from a diverse cast of deities and use their unique powers to triumph over the opposition in 5v5 team matches. SMITE is a new take on the MOBA genre; rather than observing from above the action, the game’s third person perspective puts players into the thick of combat.     Unfortunatly I was busy when they castng roles as Gods so I had to … Read More »

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