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Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, is a man of the people, he holds the same hopes and aspirations for the Xbox One as the fans of the console do. Obviously he wants to see the console succeed from a business stand point but also because he is a gaming fan. Spencer isn't one to simply take to Twitter to plug the latest game, advertise the latest bundle or promote his upcoming public appearances. He likes to keep in touch with what fans would like to see from the Xbox One. One subject he seems particularly passionate about is the continued support ... Read More »
Head of Xbox Phil Spencer took to Twitter yesterday and a flurry of tiny bits of news has followed. First he answers fans' questions about news on Xbox One backwards compatibility. After promising that news on the matter would release this week and with this week being very much almost over, his tweets at least seem to point to the adage that no news is good news. @MWorldII I know, I seem to be bad at predicting news,sorry. Making good progress on BC, no issues. Just working through rights. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) August 27, 2015 @CorpRoberts I talked to team, ... Read More »

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