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The Golf Club 2 Review

The Golf Club 2 from developers HB Studios aims to set itself aside from the ever-releasing licensed golf games from EA, but how much golf can one person take before it becomes tedious? Does it offer anything new as far as golfing games go? Straight off the cuff, this title throws you straight into the basic controls before you do anything else in the game. This short introductory tutorial will allow you to choose whether you want to use the left stick or the right stick for taking your shots, then the tutorial will teach you how to swing, putt, … Read More »

The Golf Club 2 Coming To Xbox One

Winston Churchill once said “golf is the best way to ruin a good walk”. But that is only the case in the real world. If you like good walks and golf then developer HB Studios have got you covered. They have announced that in the spring of this year they are set to release The Golf Club 2 onto the Xbox One. The Golf Club 2 comes equipped with a whole host of new features. These will include an extremely comprehensive career mode that is entirely progression based. There will also be new ‘cutting edge’ swing system that will enhance … Read More »

Mark McMorris Infinite Air Review

Infinite Air is somewhat of a misleading title, seeing how gravity exists. No matter how much airtime you get, you’ll eventually hit the ground again. They should have called this game “Mark McMorris Infinite Snow” as there’s more white powder here than the inside of a busy nightclub in the 80’s… Like a field of dreams, it never ends. Mark McMorris Infinite Air is a snowboarding game from HB Studios that seeks to offer a realistic experience of what snowboarding can be like. Well, as realistic an experience as you can get when you can bail a 100ft jump without … Read More »

The Golf Club: Collecters Edition Review

EA for years has had a massive stranglehold on the sports industry games, in including the Golf genre. Finally a contender in the golfing game genre has stepped up to tee off for the crown, The Golf Club Collectors Edition is a no nonsense realistic feeling golfer! Even though The Golf Club isn’t licensed and doesn’t have the top Golfers from around the world as playable characters doesn’t stop it from being a very solid Golf title to give EA’s PGA a run for their money. The Golf Club was released around a year ago now, it landed pretty well considering … Read More »

The Golf Club – Collector’s Edition Released

Time to tee off with new features and an all-new Season Mode The Golf Club Collector’s Edition hits one straight down the middle with gamers today who have eagerly awaited the award-winning title’s new installment. We can look forward to a new Season Mode featuring five complete Tour levels, a brand new Tropical Theme to add to the already massive eight existing environments and a cool collectible e-book with course design insights from expert golfers. This hole in one game brings breath taking detail and a realistic golfing experience to your Xbox One, time for the tartan trousers to be brought out. The … Read More »

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