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Xbox Countdown Daily Deals: 27th December

Major Nelson tweeted this Holiday season’s latest daily countdown deal todays delightful treat tweet came in the form of a rather heavily discounted Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 bundle shooting down from £24.99 all the way down to  £12.50 with a hefty 50% discount. The Prototype: Biohazard bundle is also getting infected with the 50% off treatment with the package, containing both the original Prototype as well as it’s sequel Prototype 2, going from £39.99 down to just £20.00. These countdown deals are available to Xbox Live Gold members only and are only available for a limited period and will … Read More »

Battlefield Hardline: Getaway Is Coming

Are you ready for the latest expansion So, you think you can drive better than any other wheelman out there? You think you can outrun the cops, vanish without a trace and (most importantly) keep you and the crew out of handcuffs? Well, here’s your chance to prove yourself. On the flip side, are you the fastest recruit in the force? You think you can stop the criminals, keep them on the radar grid and (most importantly) get those offenders in the cuffs and locked up? You’re up hotshot, show the underworld that the police aren’t to be messed with. … Read More »

Battlefield Hardline’s Robbery DLC

EA have announced the release date of their next DLC “Robbery” for Battlefield Hardline. The DLC will be available to download first for Battlefield Premium members on September the 16th and later for everyone else. Robbery brings with it four new maps and a brand new mode called 5v5 Squad Heist which is similar to Battlefield 4 Squad Rush. Included with the next expansion :  Four maps: The Docks, Break Pointe, Museum, and Precinct 7 New 5v5 game mode: Squad Heist 4 new weapons 2 new gadgets 2 new factional vehicles and new vehicle upgrades New camos and vehicle paints The Legendary … Read More »

Battlefield Hardline-Community Mission

Fancy getting yourself 50k of in-game cash? Cash is king – but how about you? If you’re up for a Battlefield Hardline challenge, you’ll get showered with riches if you’re skilled enough. Yes, it’s time for another Community Mission. Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Individually destroy 3 vehicles on any game mode and map. You can track your progress on the Community Missions tab found here or you can also see how you’re doing if you bring up Battlelog in-game – just check the “Missions” tab. This mission is active from 17:00 on the 21st of May … Read More »

Battlefield Hardline Patch 1.02

Expect a new update for Battlefield Hardline next time you load it up – DICE have released their latest patch for Xbox One. There’s one update for singleplayer and a plethora for multiplayer, the most important of which surely has to be reducing the health of the couch and it’s repair rate, right? Well, you can judge for yourself by taking a gander at the patch notes below. Afterwards, why not get around to finishing off your Case Files and Warrants collection! Xbox One UK has you covered with video guides for Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 4. … Read More »

Battlefield Bug Fixes

Electronic Arts has shared the top most-requested fixes players are getting in the next patch for the cops-and-criminals-themed first-person shooter Battlefield Hardline. “While the launch has proven stable, we can always get better and you’ll see some miscellaneous fixes for the most frequent crashes in this patch,” Battlefield Hardline lead multiplayer designer Thaddeus Sasser said on the games website. “We’re also addressing these top priority issues as identified by the community.” The top fixes: Extended Conquest time – “We’ve extended the length of Conquest matches by increasing the number of tickets on both Large and Small” Fixed TDM spawns – “We’ve … Read More »

Battlefield Hardline – Battlefest Operator Class

Prove yourself to be best in class as ‘The Operator’ As part of the Battlefest celebrations each of the four Battlefield Hardline classes will be brought into the limelight, handing out gameplay tips and in-game challenges. First up: the Operator class. This is a solid well-rounded class specialised in both gun fights and team healing with their First Aid Packs and Defibrillators. These agents support the team in many ways  in Battlefield – truly a cop’s first choice partner or criminal’s loyal henchman. Think you are the best as ‘The Operator’, it’s time to show your worth as there is … Read More »

Battlefield still on top! Bloodborne second.

Battlefield Hardline has fended off Playstation 4 exclusive Bloodborne to be at the top of the UK game chart! The EA shooter has now been holding the too spot on the chart for two weeks now and doesn’t seem like it wants to budge. From facts that have been collected from a variety of websites, Battlefield 4 had a more impressive launch week than Hardline, but then Hardline had a much better second week than its predecessor, with physical sales dropping off by 43 per cent. Here is the top 10 in the UK for this week: 1. Battlefield Hardline … Read More »

Battlefield Hardline Premium!

If Battlefield wasn’t good enough on it’s own this time, they are making a premium version and it sounds incredible. So now you can own more and accomplish more with four new super features, early access to story-themed multiplayer expansion packs, and exclusive in-game items and events, for an absolutely cracking price of £39.99. Announced today by Visceral, saying that this is an exclusive membership program which is going to fuel those fantasies in a cop and criminal kind of way. Listed below is all the content that will be brought to the Battlefield Hardline Premium membership: Four super features: … Read More »

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