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The Mafia series has been a solid nod towards the Italian mob genre since its original inception in 2002, but with the third game in this mobster trilogy takes you away from the usual cliché mob antics. Mafia III is a sharp change of pace compared to the familiar Godfather-esque territory of the previous games, as you take on the role of Lincoln Clay – a black Vietnam special forces veteran. Lincoln has just got back from the war and is welcomed back by his adopted brother – a member of the “Black Mob”. That’s important because Mafia 3 doesn’t shy away from the … Read More »

This week’s new in depth character trailer is is centred around Thomas Burke aka “The Anarchist”, Burke loves to create chaos, using a stereo typical Irish gangster cover that actually works really well with the Mafia III plot line. Check out the trailer below: Also check out the previous trailers for Lincoln Clay and Cassandra: Are you as excited as we are for the newest edition the the Mafia family!? For more news, reviews, competitions and interviews, join Xbox One UK’sFacebook Group, Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter. Plus, if videos are your thing, check out ourYouTube and Twitch … Read More »

So you think you’re a wise guy do you? Well soon you’ll get another chance to show off your criminal credentials. 2K and Hanger 13 have finally announced that their upcoming game Mafia 3 will be officially released on October 7 of this year. #Mafia3 is coming October 7, 2016. Watch the One Way Road Story Trailer now at https://t.co/TlxOWfKdxtpic.twitter.com/VNjRaKiBhn — Mafia Game (@mafiagame) April 19, 2016 Mafia 3 focuses on the story of Lincoln Clay who is looking for revenge on the mob after they murder his friends. Aided by his three close friends Cassandra, Burke and Vito Scaletta … Read More »

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