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It’s not every day you load up a new game and the first task asked of you is to ‘poke’ a sheep. But that’s exactly how Clouds and Sheep 2 begins. This is the sequel to - unsurprisingly - Clouds and Sheep, a game released exclusively on mobile platforms. Mobile games are overwhelmingly designed to be distraction - something to be played on the bus or in the queue at the Post Office - so how can a game specifically built for mobile translate to a powerful home console. When it comes to Clouds and Sheep 2, the results are somewhat mixed. Developed ... Read More »
Dynamite Fishing World Tour is a fishing game with a difference -  you won't find any rods or reels here. Actually, you won't find ANY form of fishing equipment here, as the name of the game is to blow the fish up with sticks of dynamite. The Developers - Handy Games - have moved from the app market into the console world with this crazy fishing game. First impressions are that its a decent port from smartphones and tablets, although the game hasn't lost the generic phone layout. With coins and cash at the top right and a one arm bandit ... Read More »

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What do you get if you throw some classic titles into a blender, pour it out and put some dressing on it? Taking obvious...

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