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Zombies are everywhere seems to be the theme at the moment with Plants Vs Zombies, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Resident Evil to name a few so why you might ask is there another Zombie infested game heading to console? Its simple, there is always room for a few more zombies right? especially a massively hyped Daybreak’s PC zombie fest survival game like H1Z1! The fact that H1Z1 is to land on consoles at all will please many, unfortunately only one part of the game is coming our way and this could well disappoint many more. The team at Daybreak ... Read More »
Zombies. The chances are your console is stuffed full of them. Attacking your garden as you furiously plant pea shooters to ward them off. Shambling around Raccoon City as you desperately fumble with old school tank controls and conserve what little ammo you have left. Striking fear as the volatile infected, roaming in packs at night. Zombies have been a video game staple for many years. This Summer gamers will find a new level of fear as Daybreak's PC online survival game H1Z1 lands on consoles. That H1Z1 is to land on consoles at all will please many. That only part of ... Read More »

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