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It’s that time of the month again. No not that time of the month, but the one where people start asking “What are next months free Games with Gold?”. It would seem as though there is a leak, posted over on Xbox Austria’s official Facebook page, however, at the time of writing, it appears to have been taken down, adding all the more, to it’s credibility. If true, it looks as if it could be one of the best months we’ve had, if not the best this year. Check it out below: The title that stands out most in that … Read More »

Last month felt pretty disappointing when it came to Games with Gold line-up – although I’m never going to knock free games like Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. But it seems you guys are a lot happier with December’s offerings. This month, readers Daniel Weston and Connor Williams both giving the thumbs up, and Ryan Rigby raised a smile, saying: ‘Had to check I wasn’t turning on PS4 when I seen last two months.’ And adeljay6 summed up what a lot of you were thinking: ‘what a line up ??’ Here’s what you’ve been saying about the games… The One … Read More »

It won’t be long before we find out what Microsoft’s brewing up for December’s Games with Gold – in fact, it seems to get early every month. It’s a tricky ol’ month for GwG, occurring just after the Black Friday sales, but we’d hope that the X-bods in Redmond announce the titles before then, you know, so we don’t blow pay-day’s cash on games that become free days later. We’d like to hear what you guys want to see drop… What you guys are looking out for with December’s Games with Gold. What games are you craving? What games would top … Read More »

Zheros is one of this months Games With Gold offerings. Set in a galaxy that is distant and apparently unknown, Dr Vendetta is plotting to take over the universe with his trusted minions. It is the Zheros squad’s job to stop him. This is where you come in, playing as either Mike or Captain Dorian you must fight your way through this unknown galaxy to defeat Dr Vendetta in this 3d beat’em up from Rimlight Studios. This is a visually splendid take on the traditional beat’em up style of game and has the feel of some of the classics of … Read More »

Killer Instinct is out today for GWG and there is a few things to download to get the best out of your free game Dont forget, you need to download 4 things for this months gwg: Killer Instinct (the new HD game )https://store.xbox.com/nl-NL/Xbox-One/Games/Killer-Instinct/8b4cfd5d-52ff-4ca0-b5e2-112d7fd09830 The Season 1 Ultra pack (free with gwg and unlocks 8 characters) https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/DLC/Killer-Instinct-Ultra-Edition-Add-On/743bcfc6-aca4-4e86-a0b8-0ae3572712f7 The Combo Breaker Add-on https://store.xbox.com/nl-NL/Xbox-One/DLC/Killer-Instinct-Combo-Breaker-Add-On/c07e62f5-9ee8-4698-aadf-a329f73251be And also included in the Ultra pack is the original game: Killer Instinct Classic, this also has to be downloaded separately from the store! https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Games/Killer-Instinct-Classic/97e10d90-f04e-4dbb-83b6-7e130b221568 The links above are to view, you will need to download the season 1 pass … Read More »

We all love free stuff, especially getting free games. It’s a no lose situation, if you don’t like it then you haven’t lost anything but if you love it then it’s an instant win. We have had some right floppers, some AAA titles and some unsung heroes all from the ‘Games With Gold’ program. Let’s take a look at what we have been offered from the generous people at Microsoft and the sort of money the game costs to buy, small disclaimer though – we take no responsibility for anger caused from missing the game. (All the game titles will … Read More »

For the month of October, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games – two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360 – as part of the Games with Gold program. On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members can download Valiant Hearts: The Great War (£11.99 ERP) for free during the month of October. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (£19.99 ERP) will be available as a free download from October 16th to November 15th.   On Xbox 360, starting Thursday, October 1st, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (£19.99 ERP) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through … Read More »

For the month of September, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games – two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360 – as part of the Games with Gold program. On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members can download The Deer God (£9.99 ERP) for free during the month of September. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (£23.99 ERP) will be available as a free download from September 16th to October 15th. On Xbox 360, starting Tuesday, September 1st, Battlestations Pacific (£19.99 ERP) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through September 15th. Then on September 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Crysis 3 (£14.99 ERP) for free through September 30th. Don’t forget … Read More »

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