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According to sources, there is a big announcement coming this upcoming week about new GTA V DLC that is slated for September 20th.  Although currently not much is known about the content but one of things that it is claimed to contain is a new wave of Adversary Modes, vehicles, and modding options. Modding, however, would not come in the shape of Benny’s Original Motor Works, but would actually be part of a new garage setup that would allow players to customise from their own base of operations. As of yet, Rockstar has not revealed their plans but if they … Read More »

Financial reports. Dull as dishwater. “Some company made some money, lost some money, here are some huge numbers that are incomprehensible to most people.” But, you know what? Accountants? Major teases. Major. Don’t believe me? Allow me to elaborate, dear reader. Yesterday, publishing giant Take Two released its figures for the first quarter of 2016-17 (April – June). In that time they made some money, lost some money, sold some games, and delayed some games. If you’re interested in the numbers, head on over to Gamespot’s coverage of the financials. Or do something more interesting, like… oh, I don’t know. … Read More »

A new game mode will be coming to GTA V on April 12th and will be bringing a host of extra rewards for GTA players. The new mode has been dubbed Inch By Inch, and is a new GTA Online Adversary Mode. Much like Capture The Flag in other games Inch By Inch has players fight their way toward a Package and then fight their way back to their end zone. Those who carry the package are unable to use weapons so teamwork and playing with friends will heighten the experience. The Adversary Mode Playlist, which began on Friday, will … Read More »

Those intrepid data miners – explorers burying into a game’s code – have unearthed details of what looks like the next update for GTA Online. In what looks to be a Bonnie and Clyde inspired Valentine’s day update, details of new clothes, cars and game modes have been discovered. On the sartorial front 1930’s gangster chic is the look of the day, with fedoras, pinstripe suits and spats (What, that’s my everyday look. – Ed), heels, flapper dresses and bustiers. Turning to vehicles it looks like Los Santos will be harking back to the golden age of American Automobiles – the Albany … Read More »

This weekend – 29-31 January – you can earn double GTA dollars in all adversary mode game types and all races, so there’s never been a better time to head into GTA Online‘s Los Santos and create some mayhem! Looking for more motivation? Okay – how about a sale? Everybody loves a bargain! 50% discount on all paratrooper gear, including parachutes, and a 25% discount on all garage properties! This weekend only! Still not convinced? How about a new game mode then – Dropzone. Leaping from a Cargo Bob high above the city, you and your team of intrepid paratroopers … Read More »

Shawn Fonteno, the actor who portrayed Franklin in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V, has set the Internet ablaze by posting a picture of himself on Instagram. Hardly cause for speculation, until you notice he is wearing a motion capture suit, and is seated in what appears to be a Rockstar office. Fonteno – who portrayed gangster protégé Franklin through motion capture as well as voicing the character – posted the image on his personal Instagram on 12 January, with the caption ‘LOL’. This has been enough to send the Internet into meltdown over possible story DLC for the Rockstar masterpiece. Fans … Read More »

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Heists were in planning, from Santa’s Penthouse. Bank robbing, car jacking, in masks old and new, Santa outfits and pajamas, more than a few. Los Santos at Christmas is covered in snow, Christmas trees and baubles in the dark, all aglow. Dress like a pudding, an Elf or The Man, If you missed them last year, pick them up now you can. Santa and Missus, pointing guns in your face, Take a picture that’s festive, win a million, that’s ace! If Rockstar like your snap you’ll win the big bucks, … Read More »

Rockstar may be rumoured to be planning some Santa surprises, but they’re not full of the Christmas spirit just yet if the latest Grand Theft Auto Online adversary mode is anything to go by. In Every Bullet Counts, an intense Last Man Standing variant, combatants are dropped into a claustrophobic arena armed only with a hatchet or machete, and two bullets for their marksman pistol. In each brutal encounter players have tough decisions to make. Risk your limited ammo supply for the one shot kill – where a miss will leave you exposed, or use stealth and the limited cover to get within … Read More »

Rockstar are keeping up the good work with another Grand Theft Auto Online addition – this time bringing the spirit of Thanksgiving to Vinewood with the traditional holiday Gridiron game. Well, not exactly traditional… this is GTA, after all! Rockstar have today launched a new Adversary mode, known as Running Back. Available at Raton Canyon Bridge, La Mesa Bridge and Zancudo Tunnel, this mode pits two teams of up to four players per side in an American Football-inspired match up. On offense, the titular running back needs to pilot their Benefactor Panto past the other team, with the help of their team-mates driving … Read More »

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